VIDEO: Powell on Improvement

Shooting guard Norman Powell talks about his improving confidence in his offensive game and how the team has gelled in the last week...

Norman Powell:

On their mindset heading into the tournament:
I feel like the team last year had a lot of things going on, but we're back now and everyone is ready.

On if they're more confident after beating Arizona:
Definitely, we really proved to ourselves that we're able to play high level basketball night in and night out. The way we did, showed what we can do, if we play hard and play together. This team plays together and we showed we can play with the best teams in the country if we play together on the court.

On his improved play:
I just try to refocus on playing my game. I don't do anything out of the ordinary, just with confidence and within myself. I can go out there and compete with anybody on the court.

On how they've grown:
I feel like we've grown a lot and are 30 times better than we were two months ago, a week ago, two weeks ago. We're making strides as a team and individually. Especially on defense and thats why we're seeing the success.

On the challenge of the first week with finals:
It's a lot challenging, but the way things are set up now, we're lucky we start Friday. We'll get a day off tomorrow and catch up on our school work and our finals and be able to focus on the rest of the week on Tulsa and see how they do and attack and their offensive game plan because they're a hot team so we'll be focused.

On traveling challenges:
Its been challenging. You have to focus and be on top of your schoolwork. UCLA is a top notch school and education and you're hear to get a degree while playing basketball. I feel like this staff has done a good job of making sure we're in classes and doing our work and keeping us updated.

On working on his shooting:
I know how to shoot the three ball, it's just get in the gym and getting the reps and knowing it's going in. I just got confident and started knocking them down and it started to click. I try to do it like I'm doing it in games. A lot of teams back off me and in practice that's the game plan. I feel like my reps in practice have helped me improved my jump shot. It's really helping me in practice to be able to shoot the three.

On being aggressive:
That's just my playing style. I've been aggressive player coming in from high school. That was the whole bio on me, driving to the rim and showing athleticism and I'm able to show that in the offense and completing plays and I'm doing what this team needs me to do and that's attack the rim.

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