UCLA Prospects at Pylon Elite 7v7

We take a closer look at the UCLA prospects at the Pylon Elite 7v7v in Las Vegas, including Josh Rosen, Marvell Tell, and Isaiah Langley...

Isaiah Langley, CB, Pleasanton (Calif.) Foothill.
Langley is a very good-looking athlete. At least 5-11, if not 6-0, with very long arms and is extremely smooth in the way he moves. His back-pedal and change-of-direction was effortless, and there are those long arms that are able to shorten his closing distance. He caught a couple of balls on offense and we know he looks very good on tape on offense, but he looked far more comfortable as a corner during the weekend. UCLA has prioritized him at cornerback and it was easy to see why.

Malik Lovette, RB/WR, Redlands (Calif.) East Valley
Lovette was mostly a receiver last season but he is now defining himself as a running back, and for good reason. He's about 5-11 and probably 190, thick in his lower body. In other words, he has more of a tailback's body than a receiver body. He had perhaps one of the handful of best plays we saw all weekend: As a running back you don't get too many touches in 7on7, especially running the ball from scrimmage, but Lovette took a handoff and juked the first would-be tackler to the point he fell over, and then juked one more before gaining about 25 yards. That, again, was running the ball in a 7on7. What's great about him, too, is since he was a receiver he catches the ball really well, and has some very impressive hops, able to go over DBs to get the catch. Even though UCLA has a running back commitment we think Lovette is a guy they have to recruit aggressively, as an athlete and then plug him into a position later.

Stanley Norman, CB, Gardena (Calif.) Serra
We only watched Norman in one game and he didn't get the ball thrown to him or at him much. But he showed that locked-down coverage ability that we know and the ability to get separation as a receiver. Every time we see him he solidifies his standing as one of the best cover corners in the west.

Bolu Olorunfunmi
Bolu Olorunfunmi, RB, Fresno (Calif.) Clovis North
Olorunfunmi, Fresno Clovis North. UCLA got a commitment from Olorunfunmi last week and he was sporting his UCLA gear last weekend. He's about 5-10.5 and 210, well put-together. He played running back and slot in the 7on7, so in other words he didn't touch the ball much. A couple of times when he did have the ball thrown his way he didn't look like a natural pass-catcher. He looks like a train when he gets momentum running straight ahead and he made nice, sharp cuts.

Osa Masina, LB, Salt Lake City (Utah) Brighton
A 7on7 tournament is a bad environment to evaluate a pass-rush linebacker, but Masina made up for it in impressive style. He's about 6-3 and probably legit 225 right now, so he's a big body in 7on-7, but he showed really good instincts in pass coverage, with the ability to close on the ball out of his break, especially impressive for a guy his size. Laterally Masina looked pretty good, while his back pedal is a little raw, but exploded out of it so well, which was impressive. We watched him pick off two balls, then a third bounced off his hands and he pirouetted and almost snagged it with one hand, showing great athleticism. For a guy who won't be doing much dropping into coverage in college, he did it well. He was easily one of the most impressive prospects in Vegas. He also told us that he thought his mom liked UCLA more than USC on their recent visit to Los Angeles.

Darrell Adams, LB/S, Hayward (Calif.) Stellar Prep
Probably the most physically impressive player at the 7on7. He's at least 6-2, probably 6-3 and about 225, and that's a rocked-out 225. He wasn't stiff either, running well for a guy that size. He played safety, instead of linebacker, and then receiver, and looked pretty natural at safety, which would lead us to believe he could be pretty natural at linebacker. There is a knock on him that he doesn't like to hit, and that's why he prefers receiver or safety, when he's physically matched as a linebacker. Cal is on him, and a few others, and we've heard that he's trying to camp with UCLA in June.

Cameron Burston, QB, Hayward (Calif.) Stellar Prep
It's pretty certain UCLA is getting Josh Rosen, so UCLA probably won't have anything to do with the recruitment of Burston. But he was so physically impressive we had to write about him. He has one of the most live arms we've ever seen in a quarterback prospect. He looked like he could throw the ball through a wall, without pressing. He threw one 50-yarder that had no air under it but was on a straight line like a dart. His receivers couldn't catch some of his throws. But he also showed the ability to put touch on the ball. He's raw, certainly, with a bit of a long throwing motion, but it's still natural and pretty -- and powerful. He's about 6-3 and moved really well, and even played safety for his 7on7 team. He just verbally committed to San Jose State but we would have to expect the Pac-12 will get on Burston quickly.

Josh Rosen
Josh Rosen, QB, Bellflower (Calif.) St. John Bosco
Rosen played sparingly this weekend, but that was by design, with most of the reps going to his younger teammates.  He also switched teams to the other Alliance Sports squad so he can work with the younger receivers and then coach the younger quarterbacks.  When he wasn't playing, he was coaching and calling plays.  When he was playing, he was pretty flawless, only suffering from some teammates inabilities to catch his passes (outside of Sean McGrew).  There was really nothing for Rosen to prove by being out there, but he was and you could see it was impacting some of his younger teammates.

Malik Henry, QB, Westlake (Calif.)
Henry may have been the top overall performer at the quarterback position on the weekend, especially on Sunday, when he just came alive. He was delivering absolute darts, and with plenty of confidence, and knew when he needed to take something off his throws.  Henry took command of his team and you could see his teammates feeding off his energy and he was pretty unflappable.  He's already an elite prospect, especially as a dual-threat, but he showed this weekend, which came on the heels of a great showing at the NFTC, that he's going to make a major case for not just the top quarterback in the West but potentially beyond.

Sean McGrew, RB, Bellflower (Calif.) St. John Bosco
To be clear, McGrew isn't very big, probably about 5-7 and maybe 155-160. To be clearer, that doesn't make much of a difference.  McGrew is so quick and shifty, and the 7on7 circuit is perfect for a player like him.  He can stop and go on a dime, he caught everything that Rosen threw him (one of the only players on his team who did such a thing), and never hesitated to go into traffic to make a grab.  He's surprisingly physical, able to get off the block quickly and get open, and when he was able to catch a pass and turn up field he was usually good for a couple of yards.  Obviously, being that he's just a sophomore there is still time for him to get bigger, but he's already got a pretty good skill set.

Jaylinn Hawkins, WR, Buena Park (Calif.)
Hawkins has been terrific so far this spring on the 7on7 circuit and this weekend was no different.  While it was the first tournament that he and his team didn't win and he didn't earn MVP honors, he still made several tough catches in traffic. In the playoffs, he made one of the best catches we saw all weekend, going in between two defenders, then out-jumping a third to make the catch with his hands over the defense, keep his balance long enough to touch the back of the end zone and score.  Later that game, he made a diving catch on a poorly thrown ball to the front of the end zone as time expired and got his hands under it enough to make the catch.  He's not a true blazer, but he continually got separation. 

Kyle Sweet, WR, Santa Margarita (Calif.)
Sweet was the MVP of the tournament, helping Gridiron Get It Done win the title.  Sweet, the younger brother of UCLA receiver Logan Sweet, has been a three-star by Scout.com since the fall, since he torched Bishop Gorman for 300 yards receiving.  In fact, on our visit to Las Vegas, when we stopped by Bishop Gorman, the coaches, six months later, still couldn't praise Sweet enough for his big night.  It's something about Vegas and Sweet, because he did it again this weekend.  He's not real fast, but he's quick off the ball, is a pristine route runner and is one of the more physical pass-catchers we've seen.  Sweet routinely got open, but even when he was in traffic, he had no issues catching.  He also showed some great body control and athleticism when he went up for a catch, snagged it and dragged his foot as he was being pushed out of the end zone.  While it's uncertain if Sweet will be heavily recruited by UCLA, we do think they will take a long look at him.

Brandon Burton, WR, Gardena (Calif.) Serra
A 2016 four-star, Burton is a burner off the ball and in the open field.  He does a great job of getting separation and getting off the blocks, though he could work on his consistency in catching the ball, especially on the easy passes.  A couple of times, he got caught looking up field to gain yards before he caught the ball.  But on the plays he had to make adjustments to or catch in traffic, he showed little problem in making that catch.  He's still a bit raw, just being a sophomore, but you can see all the tools there for a Scout 100 type prospect.

Ykili Ross, WR/CB, Riverside (Calif.) Poly
Ross was one of the more explosive players we saw, and at times, was taking over games.  In fact, in a back-to-back stretch of plays, he made an incredibly athletic catch, showing great body control and adjustment to make the catch on a fade into the back of the end zone then followed it up with a pick where he tipped it to himself and snagged it (think the McPick).  Ross showed a lot at receiver in fact, but we still think his future is at corner, where his length, backpedal and fluid game make him able to cover bigger receivers.

Marvell Tell
Marvell Tell, S, Encino (Calif.) Crespi
Tell has been the West's top safety since the fall and in our fact chance to see him since then, he continues to establish himself as such.  Tell's closing speed is really unmatched by any DB we've seen in the region, and he's every bit the 6-2.5 he says, with long arms and still a skinny lower base that will get bigger.  He's got active hands, tremendous ball skills and is so fluid that he recovers quite easy.  Twice a team tried to run a fade on Tell's team and he once broke up the pass and on another, picked it, getting their so quick.  You can see why Tell is a priority for the UCLA staff.

Jihree Stewart, CB, Corona (Calif.) Centennial
Stewart has been compared to his former Centennial teammate, John Plattenburg, in their similar, real physical game and better-than-good athleticism.  His change of direction was very good Stewart isn't as tall as Plattenburg but has a similar build.  He told us he talked with UCLA coaches on Saturday morning for 45 minutes and it gave him a little bit of a skip.  He lined up at times opposite Ross and then other times, next to Ross covering the slot.  He's about 5-10.5, 185, but his dad, who was there, is about 6-4, so Stewart said he thinks he's still got some more size to be had.

Lokeni Toailoa, LB, Rialto (Calif.) Carter
Like with Masina, Toailoa is better served in a full 11-on-11 environment, where you can appreciate his hitting ability, but he was very good all weekend.  Toailoa showed a lot of fluidity, good lateral movement and the ability to play in space, and pretty good quickness, especially when the linebackers got to blitz and he had at least three sacks that we saw.  Toailoa is about 6-0, 205, so he'll still need to put on more weight to be a pure middle backer in college, but showed the athleticism we wanted to see from him.

Greg Rogers, DL, Las Vegas (Nev.) Centennial
Rogers was one of the revelations from the weekend's lineman challenge.  Rogers is a legit 6-3, possibly 6-4, and about 255.  And he's still just finishing up his freshman year in high school, even though he looked like the most physically mature defensive linemen there.  Rogers played nice and low and with good leverage, and shot off the ball.  He said he's pretty confident he'll be growing into a defensive tackle by the time he's being recruited, but we're pretty confident that if he has a continual career arc, he's got the chance to be an elite, national recruit in 2-3 years.

Kyahva Tezino, LB, Los Angeles (Calif.) Salesian
We only saw Tezino play for two series, but in those two series, he had two pass breakups.  He's said that some schools like him as a safety, but we still think outside linebacker is where he'll play.  He's 6-1, 210, and can add more weight, but he's already pretty physical, jamming his receiver at the line when lined up against tight ends in the slot, but then also fluid in dropping into coverage, with a quick and easy backpedal.  He closes really well and did a good job getting to the ball carrier and quickly. 

John Houston, LB, Gardena (Calif.) Serra
Houston was probably the most physically impressive player there- the one guy you noticed the second he stepped on the field.  We didn't see a whole lot of him when we watched late in the day on Saturday and other younger players were getting reps, but when we did, he was avoided pretty obviously.  He's a very good athlete and moves very well in space and he's certainly an elite prospect.

Alize Jones
Stephen Johnson, CB, San Leandro (Calif.)
Johnson is a player we expect UCLA to get more involved with in the next couple of weeks.  Quarterback is where his heart is, but he's undersized for that position. Fortuntately, he also plays corner for San Leandro and that's where his future in college is.   He's got a quick, smooth backpedal, flips his hips effortlessly and closes well.  He's very good in press but also doesn't give up many steps when playing off his receiver. 

Taeon Mason, WR/CB, Pasadena (Calif.) Muir
Mason is committed to USC as a receiver, but we think his future may be best served at corner.  He had some consistency issues in catching the ball but had no such issues in breaking up passes playing defense.  He's a physical corner, rarely letting his receiver off him and did a tremendous job of breaking on the ball and breaking up passes.  He's also noticeably bigger since last spring when we first saw him on the circuit.  Mason looked more comfortable at corner, while he fought the ball at times at receiver.

Alize Jones, TE, Las Vegas Bishop Gorman.
The UCLA-committed tight end didn't participate but was in attendance. After seeing him at his high school the week before and then again on the sideline at the 7on7, he looks all of 6-4, if not 6-5, and easily 225. He told us again that he's fully committed to UCLA and is recruiting for the Bruins.

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