VIDEO: Powell on Tournament

Shooting guard Norman Powell talks about the team's mindset as it prepares to take on Tulsa in the first round of the NCAA Tournament on Friday...

Norman Powell:

On being ready for the tournament:
We're still living the dream but coming in focused and ready to play. We've been going at it in practice every day. We're happy we're close to home and in front of our family.

On what they've seen from Tulsa:
They're really athletic. Coach has been comparing them to Oregon the way they run and drive.

On his role in the game:
There is a lot of pressure on me about guarding their best player and keeping them contained. It's fun.

On preparation:
Coach gave us two days off to rest our bodies and we came in and met as a team. Coach emphasized working hard and concentrating and we did that this week and we look forward to doing it again.

On their confidence going in:
We have a lot of confidence and it showed we can beat any team in the country, but at the same time, we know any team can beat us. There is a lot of confidence in this team and if we go out there and do what we do, we'll be ok.

On if there is a 'why not us' mentality:
Why not us? We're just as talented as any team in the country. We can play with anybody.

On Tulsa wanting to play uptempo:
It's just like Oregon and UCLA, but what will give it the edge is defense and stopping one another. We know each can score, it's about getting stops.

On what they're doing differently:
When you get to this part of the season, it's a grind. Making it a halfcourt game. Kyle is physical, he can slow it up and distribute it. We have players that can catch and shoot, Jordan, Zach, Bryce.

On Tulsa's top player James Woodard:
Coach was talking about how he's a dynamic score and I've been watching game film on him and I'll be ready. He attacks, he has a scorers mentality, he's shifty with the ball. He's the head of their team.

On the process of getting to this point:
Yeah, it's all the hard work you've put in. We've had over 100 practices this year and you can see how all your hard work is paying off.

On their mentality this year:
Last year we were upset we got knocked out early and we had the players and tools to do better. That fed us and that was our hunger and tool for this season. We're focused on ready.

On playing in his hometown:
I'm really excited that we got placed in San Diego. This is the first time I've gone back home since I played in high school and it's exciting to look in the stands and see people I know. I can't put it in perspective yet.

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