Key Points from Mora Podcast

There was so much news to come out of BRO's Podcast with Jim Mora Wednesday we had to break down the key points...

Key Points from Mora on the BRO Cast

-The coaches haven't really had any time since last season.  The bowl game ended, then you start evaluating the season and then recruiting never stops. Unofficial visitors every Saturday. A couple Sundays off. All really motivated. Looking for some days off.  Every year is different.  You have to be dogged.  That's why we have had two years successful.  Try to learn how to deal with the younger player. Some of kids from 2015 I've known since Freshman.  A lot more background

-Think about the first year, I didn't know any of those kids.  Second year, I knew most of them.  This last class, I had a couple years.  This year, I've known them for a long time.  Phone, communication, DM, Facebook, there is a higher level of comfort when we talk.,  Some calls, the discussion isn't about recruiting, but their life.  Helps develop that relationship.

-Recruiting is political.  Have to be strategic and don't offend anybody.  If you don't visit the high school or touch base, they take it personal.  So you have to be careful with that.  A lot of great local talent, a lot of great high school coaches.  Every Monday in spring, inviting high school coaches, sit in meetings, exchange ideas.

-National recruiting- in most states nationally, there is no one on your side.  We've been able to develop good relationships in Texas, Louisiana and Georgia, and those will continue to pay off.  Wont get every guy, but we'll continue to go after big fish.  We have to do well in California and double down in California and put our energy there.  We didn't go after too many guys (locally) but we were in it until the end.  Getting Kenny Young in Louisiana or going to get Zach Whitley away from Alabama, those were big wins for us.  But we want to concentrate on this area.

-Dad was in Louisiana for 11 years, knows a lot of those people.  Georgia, Coach Klemm, Coach Ulbrich good relationships.  Texas, we've all been down there.  I think it helps

-People are taking notice, and you have good recruiters.  Strategic when going national.  Weight the resources we have to extend them.  Last year, we had a strategy

-Some guys fit your profile and some don't- they might fit other teams.  You can't recruit everybody and can't take everybody.  All the players we brought in, we think they'll help us in a big way.

-We'll have 15-17 scholarships but that could change.  Less turnover, more guys on our team that we recruited.  And the talent level is pretty high.

-Including Malcom Bucnhe, six seniors on scholarship, we know Brett is going to go, that's 7 spots.  We saved 4, so that pushes us to 11.  There will be 4-6 others that will graduate early and leave, medical retirements.  Typically, those are guys from first class we brought in.  I know this, if there is a great player and he wants to come here, we're going to bring them in.

-Depth chart- yeah, primarily in the secondary. Two really great secondary classes. You explain to recruits, in order to be great, you need competition.  You want to be pushed.  If afraid of competition, this isn't the place for you and that's a red flag.  We have to address those concerns  If a guy is afraid of competition, we don't want to have him here. If they don't think you can compete here, then they must not think that highly of you.  And they must not think highly of themselves.  Because if you cant compete here you may not be that good.  Alabama, guys come in and compete.  Same thing here.  Guys from here that don't start will still get drafted. Being afraid to compete, I don't want to put that on a kid, but choosing not to compete, I don't like that.  If they don't want to win a Heisman, Outland or Morris, they don't want to win a championship, we don't want them.  I want guys that want it all. 

-Sal Alosi- you saw the improvement Anthony Barr and Cassius Marsh made.  Especially Cassius.  Spent two weeks with Sal, made improvements with speed and strength.  Kids see that and understand that and we promote it.  Sal Alosi is valuable in so many ways. Creating a program for ex NFL players they can come work out and stay at a hotel.  Soft tissue massage. It will resonate with these HS players. You see us after Utah its sleeting and snowing and we're in ice baths.

-Demetrice Martin is the drill guy.  He makes me look silly.  I was a good DB coach, coached some good players, and I walk out on the field, and he's like 'you want to help out' and I'm like no, I don't want you to expose me.  He's not just a great technique coach, but has great schemes and is an excellent recruiter.  That's why we moved him up to assistant head coach and he's deserving of it. 

-There is an excellent dynamic with our Defense.  Jeff taking over, Meat more involved, bringing in Tui, Angus getting more comfortable.  With Lou leaving, we're changing more into my defense.  I coached Jeff for 3-4 years, and we did some things that both of us really loved.  Grounded in the 3-4, with some 4-3.  I had been a straight 3-4 guy, then I went to SF, they were a 3-4 until they brought in Charles Haley. 

-Scout does an amazing job. 

-Not all DL are the same guy.  We need some pass rushers.  You have a DT who's a nose.  We're looking at more pass rush type guys not exactly inside guys.  Same with linebackers.  Hybrids, elephant backers, guys who can get to the passers.  What we want is the guys best at the position. 

-Anthony Barr. There are 6-7 guys, we can't say their names, but they are perfect fits.  We show that film.  Same with Myles.  We can put it on film. We can show nine defensive players on offense.  There was a young man in California who fit that mold.  And to be able to show Myles Jack, even though its a different position, that resonates with them.  They understand it.

-Rather than a big junior day, where we can't get them all.  We're having intimate days.  We had a big kid in this past weekend and spent 4 hours with him, his mom and his dad.  They like to know there is a plan for them.  Help them visualize.

-I'm more motivated now than I've ever been.  There was an event that happened on Signing Day that killed me and I wont let that happen again.  When they can say I'm being recruited by the head coach, that makes an impact.  A lot of them, I talk to on the phone, but its mostly DM, but they consider that talking.   You can have multiple conversations.  I'm sitting at my sons lacrosse game, and there is down time, and I'm having conversations with about 20 different recruits on DM.  We get them on the phone, because they have to call you at this time, but they hear your voice, you hear their voice.  And we're killing the USPS with all the letters we're sending.

-I liked our 2014 class, but you can always be better. I'm going to make sure I'm the lead guy.  Does it take time, yeah.  Its my job.

- I try to hit those kids via social media, top tier guys, at least 3 times a week.  Send them a letter every day.  To me there are only two things I do- work and go spend time with my family.  I've become masterful at sending them out during time outs.  Or when he runs off the field.  I've become a good multi-tasker. 

-There are levels you have to rate a guy.  Not every 4-star is the same. 

- I don't read the message boards, I read your articles, i think its healthy to stay off the message boards.  I'll jump on every once in a while.  Quite simply, the people on the message boards are the fanatics, not always fully informed, but their opinions matter.  I don't spend an hour a day reading everyone's stuff.  My dad and my son.  When they call me and ask me a question, I know where they got it.,  My dad and my son, they spend as much time.  My dad is always on.  That's how he gets his information.  He listens to the videos.  I don't think he goes on the message boards.  If it goes well, you believe your own hype.  If it's not going well, people bitch and gripe, it's not healthy.  We get a lot of information from what you write.

-Cole is playing soccer at Claremont McKenna, and Ryder plays lacrosse and plays some football at Loyola.  Interest in schools back east.  He'll be mostly back east this summer.  Got invited to the Nike event, like going to The Opening, wouldn't be a surprise if he's committed before his sophomore year.  If its a camp, no, if its a visit, then yeah. A number of east coast schools who've expressed interest.  Going to camps at Hopkins, Ohio State.  Hopkins coach is close with Bill Bellichek so I communicated with him there.  First team that goes with lacrosse in the West will win a title in 5 years because of the talent, and a school like UCLA with the academics is a good start.

-Ulbrich has tremendous amount of knowledge, played at highest level, been around great players, was a very good player, great teammate. You don't stick around the same team for 10 years if there isn't something special to you.  You just watch us cover a kickoff, you can see the passion he inspires. I trust him, I've known him forever.  Lou had never called a defense  Jeff called the special teams.  I'm always going to be there if he needs me. 

-Mike Tuiasosopo, adding him has been big.  Energy, juice.  Walking with Myles, he's like 'man, I really love coach Tui, he's something else.'

-During games, we always want to be on the field.  I want that feeling.  People say you can't see as well from downstairs, that's not true.  If you've done the work, you know the breakdown.  What I think is critical, you spend 20 hours.  Then you disappear for 3 hours and talk on the phone? That's a disconnect.  You need to be able to communicate.  People in the box, give you down and distance.  In the NFL very few play callers in the booth. I never did and never will.  Tim McDonald would tell me 'I don't care if there are 90k people screaming, I could hear your voice.  If you go away for 3-4 hours, that doesn't make sense.  Coaches want to be on the field. That's the action.  You want to be in the heat of it.  You don't want to be behind the glass window.

-Simon Goines will probably not do much during spring.  Had some screws removed.  He'll be in the corner, riding the bike, throwing the medicine bal, doing Camp Alosi.  He'll be ready for fall.

-Owa, he's 100%.  He'll be in there the first snap. 

-Torian White- we're not ready to yet say anything on Torian

-Kendricks- not 100% but moving that way.  Limited in team work.  7v7, 1v1, individual drills, he'll be ready.  Ankle and shoulder, but he feels a lot better.

-McDermott- He will be ready to go. 

-Marcus Rios- he looks good, he looks muscles up, just hasn't gained the weight back.  He's just so excited to get back on the field.  If he can put on 10-12 pounds of good solid weight and be 180-185, that will be good.

-Eddie Vanderdoes- Back's fine, hurt his foot.  Going to be out for spring.  A little fracture, they went in and fixed it. 

-Kenny Orjioke, I think he just got his drivers license.  He's really matured.  Both on the field and off the field.  A guy we're really counting on.  Aaron Wallace too. 

-You watch Zach Whitley work out.  I think that guy, he's special. I don't know where we're going to put him.  He's got the flexibility ands the length at the edge, but also know he's a thumper.

-Time for Paul Perknis to take another step forward. Kennedy is the best RB coach in college football, great recruiter, better man.

-My dad loves watching Kendricks, Cassius, X, Brett.  He respects good line play.  He'll gravitate towards Kenny Clark.  Eddie Vanderdoes, Kylie Fitts. He was a DL coach by nature. That's where his eyes go.  If there was a guy he liked to watch, though, that's EK.  He and Cassius have a great relationship. 

-Kylie doing great now that he can move his hands.

-Facilities- Until there is something concrete to show, the plans are out there. Renderings I've seen them, virtual tour of campus and facility and it will be spectacular.  Designed by the same people who designed Oregon's.  We're not trying to be them, trying to be UCLA.  Just about everything in one building.  Some periphery things wont.  But the training table, learning center for all our student athletes, media room.  Be patient, it's going to be fantastic.  Really the only missing piece in becoming a national power.  Thank you to BRO for their contributions.  Us having that combined with this campus this region, what we're doing on the field, I think it's a big time deal.  We can take recruits to see virtual tour

-Winning a national championship is hard, takes luck, skill, right breaks.  We want to win them. Four straight games at end of year at Rose Bowl would work (USC, Stanford, P12, College Football Playoff).  Focus on short term, come to season.

-We'll have a brutal spring, if you start to hear the hype and believe the hype.  I'll put the hammer down.  We're going to get so much great stuff done.   There has to be a level to commitment that they never strive for. 

-Steve Young, he said you have to be pissed off for greatness.  I like that term. 

-San Bernardino.  Opening with the Seals was amazing.  I don't know how you can match that. This year, its about football, build bonds, build them even stronger, lets just go play football.  Be great at football.  I want the weather right in between last year and the year before.  First year was brutal, but served its purpose.  Somewhere in between.  Evening practice help.  I never want to put them in harms way. We have responsibility to families.  Injuries that could be debilitating. 

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