VIDEO: Anderson Talks Tulsa

Point guard Kyle Anderson talks in San Diego about the matchup with Tulsa and how confident the offense is at this point in the season after the 43-point first half against Arizona...

Kyle Anderson:

On their confidence level:
We beat a very good team, not an ordinary team. We've been watching a lot of college basketball and Arizona is a very good team, hands down. We have to take that mentality and capitalize on that. To beat a very good defense like that and score so many points on a defense like that shows how dangerous we are and we've developed a lot of confidence.

On facing Tulsa:
They have great guards, great backcourt, their two guards both are left-handed. They have a great coach. They've won 11 straight games. We're not underestimating them, we're just looking to play a good game.

On if he's surprised by Tulsa's 2-game win streak against UCLA:
Giving the past, UCLA has had, I'd be very surprised, but they had a good season this year.

On UCLA's lack of success in the tournament since the 2008 Final Four:
It's very important because the past has been so good and every time you step out and those four letters are across your chest, you have to live up to it. It's big for us and I think our team is capable of getting some wins in this tournament and we're looking towards Friday and doing what we're able to do one game at a time.

On if what they did against Arizona's defense gives their offense confidence:
Our offense is very dangerous. That hasn't been a problem. The problem has been buying in on defense and we did that in the Pac-12 tournament. Our offense has always been fine.

On their starts in the Pac-12 tournament:
We took the first few minutes of each half very serious. Coach always talks about us hitting first. Its like boxing, we want to hit first and see what we can do with that.

On their size:
I wouldn't say the biggest advantage but I think we have good size on them. They're a very athletic team with some good size and I think we match up well.

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