VIDEO: LaVine in San Diego

Zach LaVine talks about playing in his first NCAA Tournament and whether he gives any thought to this being an opportunity to raise his profile for the NBA Draft...

Zach LaVine:

On the mindset going into the tournament:
I'm going to have fun, it's a once in a lifetime experience and I'm just going to get focused for these games:

On their matchup with Tulsa:
They somewhat play like Oregon, real quick. Not the biggest team, but scrappy and athletic. They're a great team. It's going to be a tough game and we just have to go out there and punch them in the face and win it.

On if a good tournament helps his stock:
I'm not really thinking about that. If I do good in workouts, my stock will always be there, but I'm not really worrying about that.

On the one-and-done of the tournament:
There isn't another game if you lose. You can't lose and be like 'we'll get them next time'. We lose, we're done for the season and our team will never be together again.

On the Pac-12 tournament:
UCLA didn't get the respect it usually gets so just coming out and having a chip on your shoulder and getting off to a fast start.

On UCLA's lack of recent success in the tournament:
You always want to win games, but it's in the back of your head. We're out here to do the best we can do.

On Alford's lack of success in the tournament:
We're a great team and Alford's a great coach and we can do a special thing if we play hard and smart.

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