VIDEO: Anderson Talks SFA

Kyle Anderson talks about the size mismatch against Stephen F. Austin and whether he looked again at the traveling calls from last night's game...

Kyle Anderson:

On Stephen F. Austin:
Of course we're bigger than them on paper, but we watched some tape and they play with a lot of heart, and that makes up for their size. They play hard. On paper, we're bigger, but they're a tough team, with those five guards. It's going to be a fun game.

On their defense:
Some pressure defense, denying the wings, try to get you off your stuff, try to get your offense late, not things we haven't seen plenty of times in our conference, especially last week in the Pac-12 tournament.

On their scrappiness helping Norman Powell:
That's what he does and that's how everyone has to play. They're not a very tall team but they make up for it in size with their intensity and we have to match it.

On getting off to a good start:
It's important. I didn't have my best game but I think I controlled the tempo and get my team to win by 17 points.

On Norman Powell:
He really did a good job on defense in the second helf, Woodard only had 10 points. He's a good player, we just wanted to contain him and credit to Norm, he got a lot of stops. We have a lot of games where our defense is huge, and he might not get credit, but people who are watching and know the game, know Norman Powell is helping the team in things that might not show up in the stat sheet. He knows how well he's playing.

On being called for traveling and carrying it over:
I think I got a little timid with how I made my moves but tomorrow I'm going back to my game and I'll try my moves again and hope they don't call it. One of my friends put the video in a group chat and I looked at it and I didn't think it was a travel. My father told me on two of them I traveled, but I have to move on and try not to travel.

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