VIDEO: Travis Wear on Saturday

UCLA forward Travis Wear talks about the matchup with Stephen F. Austin and whether the size advantage for UCLA will play a role in the game...

Travis Wear:

On their focus:
Right now, the focus is on the here and now and focus on business and bring another championship to Westwood.

On the size advantage against SFA:
I think we'll be able to exploit it but they'll present some matchup problems. We have to focus on getting into the lane. They're a great team and very disciplined so we know going in we have to be focused the whole entire game. They're an excellent team. You win 29, 30 in a row, at this level, that's tremendous.

On SFA's toughness:
Yeah, I think so. They'll probably be one of the tougher teams we'll play in terms of physical, tough guys. Watching them on film, they're relentless, they make up for their size disadvantage with their effort.

On Norman Powell:
That's Norman's style, he likes to scrap, get to the lane, put those putbacks.

On the size difference helping against Tulsa:
I think so. Tulsa was a little bit smaller so I think going into this game, we can kind of look back and see how we played against Tulsa. There are some things that SFA does that Tulsa didn't, they take their time on offense and run out the clock more and they're disciplined.

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