VIDEO: Parker on Size Advantage

Tony Parker talks about how he'll match up against Stephen F. Austin and what kind of challenges a smaller team poses for a bigger player...

Tony Parker:

On Stephen F. Austin:
They're a pressure team, they play fast, five-guards, so we just have to keep our heads and play under control. Who makes the less turnovers, who makes the less mistakes. Our turnovers are low. So we have to limit mistakes.

On Norman Powell:
He means a lot. When we play defense, he's a freight train. You move out of the way or your foul him. People foul him and he's still making the shots. We watch him go to work and it's a beautiful sight. I've been on the other side in practice and it's not fun. When we guard the way we guard, he's in the open floor and in transition. Stopping him in transition is tough. When he gets out, it's fun, it's really really fun. He's got confidence and he's knocking down three. He knows that I'm the only person who can stop him in transition.

On their mindset with the size advantage:
Playing smart. This is the kind of game where I could pick up two ticky tack fouls because they're smaller. You have to keep your head because they play so tough. It's a mismatch either way, so I have to come in focused and help my teammates.

On the differences of matchups:
When you bring the ball up, they're down there. You have to keep the ball up and your elbows down and do a lot of different things. You have to make adjustments.

On a perceived David vs. Goliath matchup:
If it's David vs. Goliath, they haven't lost a game since Thanksgiving so they're more a Goliath then we are. We have to come out and play basketball and have fun. We've been having a lot of fun, playing defense and playing hard. If we do that, we'll be alright.

On seeing SFA's shot to tie VCU:
Yeah, I got to see some of the game and he hit another three in the corner with the game on the line. When a team wins that many games in a row, they know how to win, so you have to come out, clicking on all cylinders. They're on a win streak. I would feel unbeatable too. It's a tough task playing a team that knows how to win. They'll be a tough team to beat.

On if they've watched Florida:
We've tried to block that out. We're playing a team that is tough to beat that's on a win streak. We really have to focus on Stephen F. Austin. That could be an easy mistake to make. We could focus on Florida, but we have to focus on Stephen F. Austin. When you play a team that hasn't lost since Thanksgiving, you are playing a really tough team.


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