VIDEO: Anderson on Sweet 16

Point guard Kyle Anderson talks about making his first Sweet 16 at UCLA and what he knows about the upcoming matchup with Florida in Memphis...

Kyle Anderson:

On if he ever thought UCLA could go this long without making to Sweet 16:
We've had our mind on winning games. With a great mindset, who knows how far you'd go. I'm glad to be a part of that, to get out of that first weekend, which a UCLA team hasn't done since that Final Four team.

On what the key has been:
I'd say defense. Guys have really bought into the defense, keeping your man in front of you. Being there for each other defensively. I think that helps us out. We've been a good offensive team all season. That hasn't been a problem. Getting stops has. And now getting stops is leading to our great transition offense. The offense has never been a problem.

On making the Sweet 16:
It's a good feeling, I can't lie. Now I just want to win games from here. Use this week to prepare and get ready for Thursday.

On if they're enjoying the run:
Coming to UCLA, you don't hang Sweet 16 banners. It's cool to get here, we haven't been here in a while, but they don't hang Sweet 16 banners at Pauley Pavilion.

On Florida:
They're a great team and they've proved it all year. They're a great defensive team. Coach Donovan is a great coach, they have a bunch of older guys, seniors and juniors. They've proven they're the best team in the country.

On Norman Powell's behind the back layup:
I was waiting for him to pass it the whole time, but once he put it behind his back, I watched him do his thing.

On other big teams losing:
I guess watching those games, we had the last game on Friday, we watched Kentucky beat Wichita State today before we left the hotel. We just had a very good mindset, very focused this whole week and it's led to us playing very well and not getting upset.

On who contributed to that mindset:
The older guys on our team. The younger guys, we could maybe lose our heads sometime, and lose focus, but the veterans on the team have kept us focused and on keeping it one day at a time.

On what they need to do against Florida:
With a point guard, when you're playing a good pressure defense team, it will be tough for me but it comes with the terriroty. They run that run and jump defense, and I'll use my teammates the best I could. I just have to play at the speed I've been playing.

On watching the UCLA-Florida games in the past:
Yeah, from the Final Four, I remember those great teams Coach Donovan had. Noah, Horford, Brewer, there were some very good teams. We had some good teams and they were able to beat us. Just some good teams and now I'm able to be a part of this UCLA-Florida rivalry and it's good to be a part of.

On if they thought of this matchup when they saw the draw:
Not really, we were focused on the team we had to play and we didn't want to think about it. We don't focus on that.

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