VIDEO: Wear on Sweet 16

Travis Wear talked about the matchups with Florida and how UCLA will deal with the Gators' athleticism...

Travis Wear:

On Florida:
They're an awesome team, they have talent, they play defense and they execute well.

On if they closed the gap on Florida since the 2011 tourney loss (when he was redshirting at UCLA):
I definitely think so. The way we're playing right now, I think we can beat anybody. We're playing our best. I think it will be a great game.

On Florida's physicality:
Going into the Pac-12 tournament and then this tournament, you look at the teams you're going to play and you know your defense has to go up a notch if you want to play and compete and win games.

On if they thought they'd go on a run like this since the WSU loss:
Coming off a loss like that, it's hard to think into the future just because you lose to one of the worst teams in the league. I knew that we had the talent in the locker room that we could take it the right way as we have. Losing that game to WSU has actually kind of helped us.

On the crowd support for Florida in Memphis:
We'll look at it like when we played Arizona at the MGM. It was a hostile environment and we played our basketball and we just focused on what we had to do.

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