Wheatley Planning Visits

Buffalo (NY) Canisius Prep junior tight end-defensive end Tyrone Wheatley Jr. is ready to get out and see some schools and continuing building relationships with the ones on his list...

Tyrone Wheatley Sr. says that his son, Tyrone Wheatley Jr., a four-star defensive end and one of the most sought after recruits on the West Coast, may seem laid back when it comes to recruiting, but he is continuing to work on moving through the process and researching the ever-growing list of schools who have offered him.

"It may come across as he's not worried about it sometimes," Wheatley Sr. says, "but it really is bothering him. There are a lot of great schools out there and he's really trying to diligently look at them all and build relationships with 15-20 coaches. He's finding it hard to do, talking to these guys and communicating on a regular basis, but he's putting effort into it."

That effort will come in the form of several spring and summer visits. Wheatley Jr. (6'6, 240) is now approaching 20 offers and from as far as California and Florida to as close as right there in New York.

"There is a good chance we might hit the Michigan spring game this weekend and this summer, we're going to go to Miami (Fla.), Florida and we will try to catch Auburn. Coming up on spring break, we're going on a West Coast trip. We're going to go out to see UCLA and USC."

Visits may be on the docket for the month of June, but camps and combines are not.

"During summer, I don't think we're doing any camps. He's not one of those guys trying to pimp himself to get 1,000 offers. He says those who want to recruit will and those who don't, won't. He's just happy he's got the ones he has. He's not trying to boost ratings. He's like, 'what's one more star?'"

With that said, he does have plans to keep adding to his considerable frame and continuing to ready himself to close out his high school career in strong fashion.

"What he wants to do is he wants to get bigger, stronger, faster and have the best senior year he can have."

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