VIDEO: Brendel on Start of Spring

Center Jake Brendel talks about the development of Caleb Benenoch, Kenny Lacy, and Poasi Moala, as well as his own health after having a nagging AC sprain most of last year...

Jake Brendel:

On being the veteran of the offensive line:
It's blown by a little bit, you really can't blink around here. Everything is fast movement.

On the offensive guard continuity:
It's nice just having the consistency there, its always more reassuring. Each player has their own style and own way of doing things and when you have that consistency, you know where everyone is at.

On what he's seen from the tackles:
Caleb is doing a very good job. I think today was the best practice he's ever had here. I think he's more comfortable. Poasi is doing pretty much the same job on the right side. They're both pretty athletic, pretty dominant players and I'm pretty excited to see what they can do.

On being the leader of the group:
Nothing has changed, everyone has the same responsibilities. X was a great player and great vocal leader on the offensive line. I don't feel any difference. X was always my boy and there when I needed. But it's just football.

On his shoulder:
I'm 100% healthy. It feels really nice. Last year, the trainers taped me up, and it was a struggle. Having that limitation, it was just an obstacle to go over.

On the offseason workouts:
Coach Alosi does a very good job, bringing that NFL expertise just down to this level. Every single day we were working our butts off. You pretty much see it in everyone, Kenny, Caleb, everyone is huge. And I'm like, I'm pretty much maxed out here, I've been lifting for ten years.

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