VIDEO: Jack on Pass Rush

Myles Jack talks about how he spent the offseason trying to improve as a pass rusher and whether he'll see any time at running back this spring...

Myles Jack:

On his first spring practice:
Its definitely different but good to be back. Coach Mora had us hitting the ground running and it was full speed the whole day. It was good to get back on this football field.

On playing some nickel:
I'm definitely tired, first day back. Getting my legs back under me, getting into football shape, coming off lifting. It's just great being back out here. Nickel, running around, getting acclimated to it.

On if there is any rust:
Always, for everybody. When you have that time period, then coming out and going full go, you're definitely rusty. It's a process but we have a whole month to get better than the summer.

On the offseason:
Coach Alosi definitely got me bigger and stronger. I felt stronger today taking on the linemen. That winter program is no joke. Improved my bench, my squat, I became a better player this offseason. I put on about 10 pounds because I was about 220. I'm a good 230 now and filling out a little better, turning into a man coming as a sophomore. I can't wait till it starts to show. When we puts the pads on we'll see it.

On working on his pass rush:
Pass rush wise, I was out here with Caleb Benenoch and Kenny Lacy, every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and even Sunday just working on my pass rush. They're moving around in their spots, I'm trying to fix my craft, so we were just lining up the blue bags and working and telling each other what we did wrong. That really helped me. I hope it shows out here.

On working against Lacy/Benenoch:
Caleb and Kenny were on a mission this offseason. I really grinded with those three dudes. Working with those guys, that's as good a look as I can get because Caleb played a lot and Kenny is fighting for a spot to possibly start. I feel like that was the best look. We're all just trying to get better.

On being challenged to be a better pass rusher:
Coach Tuiasosopo has come in and changed the game. He's got that DL background and I'm learning a lot new, hand placement, you put your hands in different spots. That's Coach Tui, that's what he's bringing to the table. He talked me before spring break and said he was going to my pass rush right, that's why he's here and I'm just going to listen to him and see what happens.

On not playing running back until fall:
You might not even see us practice it. Maybe walking through it. I'm still doing this defense thing, and I'm tired, if I have to do both, I'm going to be spent.

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