VIDEO: Hundley on Off-Season Work

Quarterback Brett Hundley talked about his off-season work, being back at spring practice, tweaks to the offense and more...

Brett Hundley talked to us after the first day of spring practice Tuesday.

On the first day:
I thought it was a good first day. We brought alot of people back on both sides of the ball. We put a couple of new wrinkles in. It was smooth, everyone was on their toes, and knew what they were doing. We know the offense and know the defense. Not really teaching but just working.

On being considered a veteran team despite still being a young team:
It just shows the talent we have on this team and how much we have progressed as a team from where we were. I think we have under 10 seniors on the team, but we have a lot of starting returners. We feel like an older group of guys just because we've been playing for a year or two together and we feel that connection.

On the offensive line:
I have so much respect for that OLine. They've worked year in and year out and they're greatly talented. Jake Brendel is leading them as the center, but you know we have Malcolm (Bunche) coming in. With them having a year under their belt and Jake being here two years with me, we've got the connection we have and everything is a lot smoother.

On Xavier Su'a-Filo being gone:
To be honest, X is a great player and whichever team picks him up is going to get a great tackle, guard, whatever they use him as, but at the end of the day, we have what we have on the team and we're going to use them and work with them.

On going faster:
We'll go a lot faster. We have limits and expectations and we're trying to push those limits and expectations. Last year we thought we were fast but I think this year we're even faster. But we're changing some things up with the offense, changing some things with the calls that will give us the extra second or five seconds and not do so much but rather keep it short and get to the play.

On clearing it with Nick Saban:
I know he probably doesn't want it.

On his offseason focus:
Just being a quarterback. You can focus on the footwork and all that stuff, but a big part of being a quarterback is understanding the game and knowing a defense and why they're doing it and knowing our offense and why we're doing it and understanding the deeper thoughts of the game and just knowing football. So that's what I worked on this offseason, being in the film room, taking games and reading over and talking to a lot of NFL quarterbacks and taking knowledge from them and learning more. I talked with a couple of them, I've been in contact with Phillip Rivers and Tim Tebow and they have so much knowledge to give and they shared their knowledge.

On things he learned about football:
Just really diving into the game. Most of the time you get so caught up with the concepts without understanding and when you get to that and understand that, you have so much more you can do.

On the running game:
It is what it is. We have great running backs. Last year, obviously our running backs got a little injured and dinged up. This year, we're all healthy. If I have to run it, I'll run it, but we have running backs for a reason. And we have to get them the ball and let them do it.

On going more vertical this year:
It's another thing with having the chemistry with me and the o-line and the receivers and knowing where each other is going to be and what we can do against defenses.

On how prepared for the expectations they are:
There are a lot of expectations for this team but like I have said every year, our expectations for us are higher than any individual on the outside looking in probably has. As a team and as a leader of the team, you have to look within yourselves. It doesn't really matter if you don't perform on the field from day one and consistently into the season. Right now, we're thinking our season starts today, practice hard and keep moving. At the end of the season, when you take it day by day then all that stuff will come.

On the expectations for himself:
It's a blessing honestly to have an opportunity like that. A lot of people would want something like that. You can't get caught up in that. I have to keep doing what got me here, and that's keep working hard and just bonding with this team and getting this family atmosphere so we can really go out and play for each other.

On Myles Jack getting 10 touchdowns:
He'll stick to his 100 tackles.


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