VIDEO: Payton on the Receivers

Jordan Payton talked after the spring's first practice about his off-season, picking up the pace of the offense, and making up for the loss of Shaquelle Evans...

Jordan Payton talked after practice Tuesday.

On the first practice:
It was good to be back and fun to get back with all your teammates. We got after it today and had a great day of practice.

On if there is a difference in the offense:
You can see we're trying to go faster, which is kind of insane. We're trying to pick things up. Last year we lagged a bit in our performance, and were slow at times, now we're trying to pick things up and stay in rhythm.

On losing Shaq Evans:
I think Shaq was a big loss for us, but the amount of guys who played last year, me, Devin Lucien, Devin Fuller, we also have a lot of experience. This will be my third year playing, Thomas Duarte's second year starting, Devin Fuller's third year playing, we'll have a lot of experience.

On if they need a number one receiver:
I don't think it's predicated on a number one guy. It's that rhythm offense. It's about staying in rhythm and getting in open space.

On his own personal shape:
Personally, I tried to take it to a whole other level. Take my strengths to another level. I devoted my time to feeling faster and stronger. I was actually shocked with how fast my turnover was on these routes. I feel like a lot more explosive. I feel the difference from the winter program. I'm like 6-2.5, 215. Moving pretty fast, and keep working. I'm usually around 210, 215.

On the winter program:
We took it to a whole other level with Coach Alosi. He's demanding more from us and that plays into our experience. More complicated lifts, harder runs. We do have expectations for this team.

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