VIDEO: Mazzone on Hundley

Offensive Coordinator Noel Mazzone talked Thursday after practice about the development of Brett Hundley in the offseason, new wrinkles in the offense, and more...

On the pace picking up on offense:
We're trying. I think there should be a natural pace picking up. Just because this is the third year these guys have been in this offense. I thought the kids have done good with communication and carryover from last year. I would hope we'd be smoother in our transition from play to play.

On Mora saying they wanted to change the tempo:
Then I guess that's what we're doing. If you had said Brett, I'd have said 'hell no,' but since you said Jim, I'm with that. We're going to change it from time to time.

On going a little more vertical:
I think we're going to have a little experience on the O-Line and that was obviously in the back of my head last year and that gives us a chance to extend the field a little bit.

On if Hundley has taken some strides in the offseason:
Yeah, no doubt. I always think about when he looks over and he knows about one hand signal into the play, he stops looking at me. He's really catching on and knows the offense. He had a great offseason, and studied hard. He's had a great spring, been around guys who know quarterback, understanding the game. I'm a lot more confident in what he's doing.

On the backup quarterback spot:
That's our number one deal right now. Jerry has had some moments out there, Asiantii is going through that learning curve right now that all young quarterbacks go through. Its one really good one, then two really bad ones. Hopefully Saturday, it's two really good ones and two really bad ones. Mike has been sick so he hasn't had a chance to get out there much. It's a good young group of guys and I think those guys are battling.

On Craig Lee:
He's doing a good job back there. They're all doing a good job. I could look good if no one was tackling me.

On if Hundley is having more input:
I see him taking charge out there. I see him getting after some guys when they're not doing things right. Understanding not only the protection, but the run schemes and where the problems are. Good quarterbacks fix your problems for you out there and I think he's starting to do that for us.

On Hundley spending time with NFL QBs:
I think it's invaluable. I mean just think, what a great deal, sitting in a room for eight hours with Phillip Rivers and watch film and get out on the field and throw with him and to be around a guy like that, a class act, a great NFL quarterback. Jeff Garcia, and even when Tim Tebow came in, that was great for him. He talked about leadership. He won a Heisman Trophy, he won a national championship. That was awesome for Brett and he was really in tuned to it and really soaking up all the information he could. It was cool.

On Hundley's offseason work:
Every day. We talked to him every day, he was by the office all the time, understanding things. We'd get him with those other guys. He's really put his arms around the whole thing and wants to be better.

On the offensive line:
We'd still like a little bit more, we're still down a bit on numbers, and we'd like the depth. But I think the young group we've got, if I stick around long enough, we'll have one year with four senior linemen coming back. I'm really happy with that group. Very athletic group.

On the three true sophomore lineman:
Alex, his hand, it's the same thing, just because they've been here, they're a little more comfortable. To me, we don't play anymore freshman. They've been around long enough. We were just trying to get them off the bus as freshman.

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