VIDEO: Klemm on Offensive Line

Adrian Klemm talks about what he's seen from Najee Toran so far, how Kenny Lacy has developed since last year, and why Caleb Benenoch moved to left tackle...

Adrian Klemm:

Opening statement:
In terms of what I've seen so far, I'm pleased. Guys can still get better and we still have a ways to go.

On Poasi Moala at right tackle:
I had him at left tackle, he was at left tackle last year, but he was at right tackle in high school and feels more comfortable there. One of the things I wanted to do with him while he was learning was get more comfortable and get confidence. I wanted to put him in a position that he was familiar with and focus on schematically and technically and eventually kick him over to left tackle. That's what I did with Caleb last year. Position flexibility. Going through the recruiting process, how I evaluate guys is if they can play a number of positions. It will be very rare if you see me recruit a true center or a true tackle. Unless he's a special guy. I like guys who can play guard or tackle. It gets you more options. If you are in the NFL and have eight solid guys, you'll be great. You'll always be in good shape. What you're trying to do is built quaility depth instead of numbers.

On Simon Goines' health:
I'm not really sure, I just go by the reports they give me. I know he won't be here in spring. He's over there doing stuff now. My thing is, I don't want to rush him. We don't have the depth I like but we have guys at the position. Conor McDermott will be ready for camp. There were two years he played through injuries and tried to do some things. I want to be fair to him I don't want to rush him. I don't know if that hurt him, but I know from a confidence standpoint, it shook him up and I want him to gain that back. He started off with a bang and I want him to continue that. There is no rush. There are some things that changed our depth up a bit.

On Kenny Lacy:
He's another guy who made a transformation. I've been impressed with his work ethic and he's done more than he's been asked to do. He's a lot more mature than when he walted on campus. He's taking things a little more personal. When you see guys your age playing, it makes guys a little hungrier. At a certain point, we had to have a talk in our room. There are like nine guys the same age, and some are transferring and some are sitting the bench. You've got get cracking and he took it to heart. He's a different guy. I knew he'd be better, I'm just shocked, it came this soon. He's looking good right now, but we're all in shorts. I'm not saying that's going to happen when we're in pads, but sometimes guys look good in shorts and not in pads. I want to reserve judgment and not make too much of it.

On Najee Toran:
I like that kid. He gets after it. Driving guys down 30 yards. He's got a motor on him. I don't have to tell him. He's supposed to be in high school. He's mixing it up with older guys. I assumed he'd be 250, but he's been put on with Sal. He's taking it not just from a football standpoint, but building. He had the mental capability. He's further along than we thought. He was playing with the ones when Alex went down.

On losing Torian White:
Well he's a guy that we thought would be a starter for us. But I did think he had tremendous upside, but so do a number of other guys here. You see the transformation Caleb made as a player in eight weeks. We didn't know he'd play tackle. You have a guy like Poasi, when it clicks, he'll be as good as anyone to come through her. Conor McDermott, he hadn't even played offensive line before, only played it for six months, then you're like, damn, is he better than Simon? You never know when the kids are so young. And that's what's unique- there are no older guys. They're all young. Our oldest guy is Ben Wysocki or Malcom Bunche. Every day they're changing. Whether that's off the field or on the field, they're growing right in front of us. Coaches set the precedent, you'll play if you're good enough. Would I like to have him here? Yeah, but we're working with what we have.

On if Goines returns will he play on the right side:
A lot of times you come back stronger. It depends on how he feels. I want him to take his time and give him the time to heal. Hopefully it doesn't matter. Position flexibility. Caleb was starting at guard, Alex beats him out, then he's starting at left tackle. Simon and Jake, those are it, they can only play their position. Jake is our center, Simon plays tackle. Conor McDermott too. With their length, they don't bend as well about being inside. I just want him to have 100% recovery. Make sure he's healthy and gets back on the field.

On when Malcolm Bunche will begin working out:
Whenever he gets cleared. I thought it would happen today. Hopefully Saturday. I'm excited about him coming on and it adds more depth. We didn't bring him to stand on the side. We don't need any more mentors, hopefully he'll help us and we expect him to help us. X was our oldest guy in the room, but he wasn't a real vocal leader, he led by play. Our vocal leader was Jake. He was a captain, but he was a sophomore. I think Malcolm coming into the room, offers a little different insight. He's played in a different conference. Played a lot before. He offers a new perspective. He and Jake offer leadership. As long as he does his job and isn't a distraction, which I don't think he'll be, I don't think it will be an issue at all.

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