VIDEO: Toran Talks First Days

Freshman guard Najee Toran talks about his mean streak, playing with former high school teammate Zach Whitley, and whether he thinks he can secure a starting job...

Najee Toran:

On his first week:
It feels good. Came out nad practice hard the first two practices and got in with the rotation.

On being in school after a delay in enrollment:
It feels good. I've been waiting to get here and get spring ball started. Get out here so I can play and start the season.

On if it's been a difficult transition:
Nah, you have to be a student of the game and it's got to come natural to you.

On his high school teammate Zach Whitley being there:
It feels good. You have someone that you know so you don't really have to go through the process of meeting other people by yourself. You've got somebody you know, and that connection. If you don't mean someone else, you have someone by your side. I've known Zach since we were in 6th grade.

On if Whitley has taken him under his wing with a three-month head start at UCLA:
He let me know about some stuff. I don't like people telling me, I like figuring it out my stuff, but he told me some stuff.

On picking up the offense:
I've picked up most of the offense. It's still a process. I got here and got the playbook. I've been here a week now, and I'm trying to learn all the plays, but it's coming to me and in a week, I'll have it down like high school.

On his aggressiveness:
We don't make any friends on he field. The offense works the defense.

On the feedback from Coach Klemm:
He's been positive, he's just telling me to work hard. And to play off. He told me I'm doing good and there are just some things to work on. All positive, just reinforcing what I already learn and making it better.

On his size right now:
6-2, 280. As long as I can play and finish people, I could be 220. If I can finish, I don't care my weight.

On if his aggressiveness helps:
If you're across from me, you're going to see me and you'll find out. It will keep going. That's how I earned my spot, my scholarship and my offers. I'll keep it going and that will hopefully earn me a spot in the NFL.

On if he's gunning for a starting spot:
I'm on a mission right now. I ain't got no friends when it comes to this right now. You've got to play out here. If you can't get the job done, then somebody will. I'm that person.

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