VIDEO: Lucien On New Roles

Redshirt junior wide receiver Devin Lucien talks about playing without Shaquelle Evans for the first time at UCLA and whether his attitude has changed...

Devin Lucien:

On taking over for Shaq Evans:
It's different. It was hard to start it off with Shaq not being there but it's going to be a process coming in. What I like about this year, it's the first time I can come in without having to try to impress everybody. Coach up other guys, worry about myself and not impress everybody. It's a lot easier this year, though, knowing I have a significant spot on the team and I'm just trying to help everyone else. He came out here to do. Big bro isn't out here. I talked to him every day though. I'm going to have to get used to it. I'll talk to everyone on the team now, not just Shaq.

On his second half of the season:
It did a lot for my confidence. I picked it up a lot. It felt good ending the season on a good note and it's carrying over into this year and I'm hoping I have a big year this year.

On trying to fill Shaq's shoes:
Yeah, but I don't want to say as the number one guy. Our offense is like a roll of the dice, you never know what's going to happen. But to fill Shaq's shoes individually, I take that responsibility because I looked up to him.

On his own personal improvements:
Since last year, I've put on a little weight. Some of my quickness, getting off the ball faster. Just little things like that, not just big things.

On how his mentality has changed:
The mentality now is just do what you know you can do. I wrote myself a note that said 'don't prove anything to anybody, just prove it to yourself.' I want to be great, but I want to prove it to myself. That's the mentality I'm carrying into the season.

On Brett Hundley's improvement:
Oh yeah, a lot of difference. His anticipation is different. He's not scared to throw in little holes, even though he did have one interception today. It looks like the ball is coming off his hand faster, his velocity is stronger and he's gotten stronger, I know because I'm catching some his balls with my body instead of my hands.

On his shoulder:
The only time it bothered me was against washington, when I fell on it, and it tingled. I still have that metal rod in there, so it's going to happen.

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