VIDEO: Benenoch on Offseason Work

Sophomore left tackle Caleb Benenoch talks about what went into the position change and how he was able to reform his body this past offseason...

Caleb Benenoch:

On the offseason:
It was a lot of fun. My body changed a lot. I gained weight and lost a lot of body fat. It was good work.

On how it's helped:
I'm in way better shape, I move a lot better. I can go longer and harder. Practice isn't tedious. I can work through it. I made the move from right tackle to left tckle and I feel great so far.

On his numbers.
I'm 315. Bench has gone up, my vertical. I don't know if Coach Alosi wants to tell the numbers. But everything has gone up. I've gotten more explosive and faster and I got bigger and faster.

On if playing tackle meant he had to get in better shape:
Yeah, when Coach said he wanted me to move to left tackle, I had to get my body better. I took that to heart. I worked in the offseason with Kenny Lacy and Myles Jack and we were just working hard. 3-4 days a week, we worked on our pass rush and extra drill. We'd go into the Wooden Center for extra work, and it's showing out now because we're all running with the 1's.

On his expectation of being on the left side:
I'm a left tackle. The coaches watched a lot of tape in the offseason, and one day, Coach Klemm called me into his office and said 'you're the guy' and they moved me over to left tackle. I started working on it. I've never played left tackle. My sophomore year I did, but I was on varsity and never played, I sat the bench. It was a little difficult at first but I worked on it every single day.

On what's been the biggest change:
Imagine if you're right handed and you have to start writing with your left hand. You just have to flip it. That's all it was.

On if Simon Goines' return could move him back to right tackle:
I'm a left tackle.

On if he felt he had to earn the spot:
The way it is in our room, nobodies spot is given. The OL room is competitive. Your job isn't guaranteed on this team. Even Jake Brendel, he's an All-American and a three-year starter and he has to compete for his job every day. But you have to have that confidence and go out there and every single day and ball.

On Myles Jack's pass rush:
I've seen a lot of development. He tells me what an outside backer looks for in an offensive lineman, and i tell him what a tackle looks for. I told him what AB used to do. You can see it. It's tremendous. I think his numbers will go up.

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