VIDEO: Johnson on Knee, Playing WR

Freshman Mossi Johnson talks about the early switch to slot receiver, how he's feeling so far, and when he thinks he'll have the brace off of his knee...

Mossi Johnson:

On his knee:
It's feeling good. It's gotten way better and stronger.

On playing receiver:
It was kind of my choice. I felt like I could contribute more on the offensive side in the slot. I felt better at slot than defensive back.

On his first couple of days:
It's going good, there is a lot I still have to work on. Knowing the plays and the signals, but it's going good. It's difficult, but I'll get there.

On wearing a knee brace:
I feel a little bit limited, like range and motion, but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it, but by the end of spring ball, I hope to be cleared to not use it. They told me I have to wear it the whole spring. I'm going to keep asking if I could take it off.

On feedback from Coach Yarber:
Just to work on my routes more and I have to be able to catch the ball more instead of being nervous. I'm too anxious to have the ball and turn it up, but i have to work on having the ball first.

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