VDEO: Mora on Saturday

Head Coach Jim Mora talked after practice Saturday about the first day in pads, some of the players that have "flashed," and more...

Opening statement:
Great day out here, perfect weather, great practice, first day in pads. Always makes you a little nervous as a coach. Number one, gets a little spirited, and you're always worried about player safety. Thought we competed hard, played on the edge, didn't take it to far. Ben Wysocki did get hurt, an ankle injury, don't know the extent. It was a good day of work. They've learned how to practice with intensity and passion and learned to take care of each other. That's how you improve as a football team.

On Darren Andrews:
He had his knee checked out yesterday and they did a little scope. I haven't heard the results yet. We'll find out shortly. I would be very surprised if he's back. I don't know for a fact, but I'm pretty sure.

On Malcolm Bunche:
The update is pretty positive. Yesterday late, they got the admittance thing all handled. Some of his paperwork came in late. There is a process you have to go through. Nothing is wrong, there are no issues. There is nothing that will turn the tied. It's just getting the paperwork done and getting the process. I thought there was a chance this morning, but we couldn't get it done in time so he'll be out here Monday. Then I think he has to get acclimated, no pads. It doesn't look like he needs pads.

On the offensive line:
I'm really impressed with where the offensive line is so far. Poasi and Caleb, those guys have stood out to me. Caleb just developmentally. Poasi, his athleticism shows, he's put on a lot of good weight. He has good feet. He lines up against Owa. Owa is going to give you all he's got every play. The offensive line has really looked good.

On Craig Lee:
I was excited to see how Craig Lee would look out here the first day. He's flashed the first two days without pads. He didn't look any different and stood out to me.

On other guys who've caught his attention:
Mossi Johnson has stood out to me. Without looking at the film, he stood out to me. Najee Toran stood out. He plays with great leverage, he's violent and he finishes. Brett looked sharp again. We have to be careful with how we evaluate Brett in a spring like this, because part of it is he's experimenting. Trying to find and push boundaries. Sometimes it may look like he's throwing into a coverage. You don't want it to be a habit, but I think he's throwing it well and good command.

On Mossi Johnson playing receiver:
We didn't decide until about 3-4 weeks ago. He was here and I asked him what he preferred. His answer was he didn't care, he wanted to play. It gravitated to him wanting to play receiver first and we had more of a need for that. I think he's looked really good. I'm nervous with him out there still, anytime I see that brace. It was more what he wanted and necessity. It looks to be the right decision off three days. He looks really athletic at receiver. He always maneuvers his body. You see things that get you excited.

On Zach Whitley:
Zach came out the first day and everyone was really impressed with his athleticism. Then Thursday, he didn't feel like he got enough work in, so he came out and did more on his own, did bags, change of direction, on his own. Today, early in practice, he looked good. It's a little different but you can see him catching up fast. He's got speed. There are times on film where he's chasing the ball down and chewing up the ground. He's a promising player, accelerating quickly and we're excited about him. All those early entry guys are.

On the change at DC:
I've known Jeff for a long, long time. When I was in San Francisco as the DC, we drafted him. I've known him for years and had a great deal of respect for him. The day before I got fired in Seattle, I think he had retired and I was trying to hire him. Then I got fired and fortunately Pete kept him on. You could tell he was going to be a great coach. He got a couple years with Pete. Having been around him and watched him up close and personal, it made perfect sense. He coaches the way he played- detail oriented, passion, great communicator. Understood every position on the defense. He would understand everything I was saying. Then I've gotten a chance to sit in there and watch him talk as a special teams coordinator. He's fun to watch coach and these players really respond to him. It will be exciting to see where this thing goes on defense. I think he takes it as a challenge and he likes to get a workout in. He sees everything as a chance to work out. He's crazy. I love him.

On how quickly Ulbrich has climbed the ladder:
Here is what I think is a great reflection of where Jeff is. Today's NFL, how often do you see a team stay with one team for 10 years? And he stayed with San Francisco for ten years. And we're not talking the most talented player. I mean he's got talent. But the commitment, the knowledge, dissecting every part of the defense and the offense. It looks like he's ascended quickly, but from when he started playing the game, he's been aiming to be a coach. He didn't just play the game to play the game, he didn't just go to meetings to learn his positions. He went to meetings to learn football. While it appears he ascended quickly, it's been a long trek for him. Part of his education on becoming a coach, was being a player. He's one of those guys who applied it very well and broke it down as a player.

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