VIDEO: Pickett on First Practices

Freshman cornerback Adarius Pickett talks about how he has adjusted to his first week in college and whether there's been any talk of him playing on the offensive side of the ball...

Adarius Pickett:

On his first few days of practice:
I feel like I'm doing good. I feel each day, I'm getting acclimated and making progress. It's a learning process right now. I'm meeting with Coach Meat every day and learning more. I'm excited to be out here and glad I came in early.

On the transition to college:
Some days, its long. It's different from high school. Some days, I might get up at 4:45 and not get back to my dorm room until like 8:30-9. Long days, but I'm getting used to everything. Getting used to football and balancing class, I've got a paper due on Wednesday. I think I'm doing good though.

On if he's getting fatigued:
I'm a young kid with a lot of energy. Through our practice, I'm getting conditioned and staying focused the whole practice.

On playing cornerback:
I'm on the right track. Coach Meat likes what I've been showing. It's a faster tempo than high school. I think I'll be fine. Real fast tempo, every thing is fast paced. Brett Hundley is a great quarterback. He throws the ball right there. If you're not right there, your receiver will catch the ball.

On the top receiver he's faced:
I got Lucien today, but Lucien. He's real good. Nice versatility, fast, he catches real well.

On going against good receivers every day:
We had a guy named Jalen Harvey, a real good receiver, who could jump. Always went against him. That's what gets me better in the game, so when the game comes, I have that experience.

On playing a bunch of positions in college:
They talked to me during the recruiting process, but right now, I'm focused on defense and getting that right. if it happens, versatility wise, that will be on the coaches. But right now I'm learning from the coaches and Coach Meat.

On if he'd like to play offense:
I wouldn't mind, but like I said, right now, I'm just trying to get focused and learn the defense and take every rep mentally and physically and get everything right.

On working with Coach Meat:
He's the same guy from the recruiting process. He's great. He'll tell you when you mess up, he'll tell you when you do right. Having a coach like that is great for me right now, especially coming early. I'm happy just getting better every day

On his size:
6-0, 195.

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