VIDEO: Hollins on Adjustments

Sophomore outside linebacker Deon Hollins talks about how the new aspects of the defense could fit his skillset more...

Deon Hollins:

On his spring so far:
I'm working on consistency, not just showing a flash here and there, but stringing together plays, stringing together good practices. I have a lot to improve on so far. I'm building on it.

On settling on a jersey number:
I like 58. It's more a cosmetic change. EK is No. 6. But I like 58.

On the differences in the defense with Ulbrich in charge:
I feel its more square. We're more gap oriented. I think it's going to pay big dividends in stopping the run.

On the defense doing more 4-3 and how it fits him:
Of course. This year we have more three techniques and more wide alignments for inside guys. It's going to help more in 1on1 situations.

On his playing time last year:
I just put it on myself and I have to be more consistent. Do my responsibility, calm down and play my game.

On his role in high school:
We played around with it a lot, but I would say 75% I was down.

On standing up more:
It's a slight transition. More of the acclimation was in the cover side of things. Our drops are similar.

On learning pass coverage:
I'm doing much better. Each day it gets easier and easier. Just being familiar with things helps a ton. Instead of thinking about your assignment, you're just moving through it.

On his current size:
6-1, 231 pounds. Planning to keep putting more weight on. Speed is a big part of it, but maintaining that quick burst. That's a big deal. My senior year I played around 235 and I felt excellent, so there is no reason I can't be 240. I can carry that easily.

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