VIDEO: Savaiinaea on First String

I pronounce Isaako Savaiinaea's name correctly, and then he talks about running with the first string, how he's developed physically and mentally over the last year...

Isaako Savaiinaea:

On running with the one's:
It's great. It's a big responsibility and Coach Brick expects a lot from us. But I have to do my best if I want to play at that position.

On playing as a true freshman:
It helped me a lot. I got my game experience. I know how everything runs, the tempo. It's just going on here in spring ball. I'm already acclimated to it.

On his current size:
Right now, I'm 6-2, 233. I lost a lot of baby fat, put on muscle in Coach Alosi's program and feeling pretty good.

On going through the offseason:
That's what I needed coming in to the next season and being prepared for what we had coming in to spring ball.

On more 4-3 looks:
We can be tougher on the run. We don't have to sit back now, we can hit it. It's going more to my linebacking style. It's great.

On what his biggest jump needs to be:
With me, conditioning. Yelling and running isn't easy. That's what I have to work on and being in command of the defense. Today was a really good practice, a really hard practice, and I was a little winded. So being in good shape helps out.

On the differences with Ulbrich now the DC:
Definitely. We miss Coach Lou, but Coach Brick is always that feisty guy with the fire and to have him as our DC, he's everywhere, and it's good for us. We kind of knew he'd make his way there. He always talked like he was the DC. We knew he'd be there.

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