VIDEO: Orjioke on Filling Big Shoes

Kenny Orjioke talked about taking over the outside linebacker position of Anthony Barr...

Kenny Orjioke talked to us after practice Saturday.

On his new role:
I'm getting more comfortable as the days go on.

On his weight gain:
I got a lot faster and my times went down by .05. I got a lot stronger with my cleans and squats, all my weights went up and I lost body fat.

On filling Anthony Barr's shoes:
Whatever the coaches ask me to do, I'll do. I think we have a good linebacker corps and good depth.

On his improvements:
Coming out here, working on get offs. Me and Caleb worked for 3.5 weeks working on get off. He's gotten a lot better too. I was more worried about keeping my speed to size ratio and not getting too heavy and keeping my speed.

On Mike Tuiasosopo:
He brings a lot of things to the table that Coach Brick didn't really teach us. He worked specifically with rushers and he put guys in the NFL and led the Pac-10 in sacks one year at Arizona. I try to soak in a lot.

On changes with Jeff Ulbrich as the defensive coordinator:
Yeah, there has been a lot of changes that I think will pay dividends in the season. I'm not going to speak (specifically) on them. Coach Brick is really intense in how he coaches football. I went back and watched spring ball last year, we were faster this year than we were last year and I've definitely seem improvement.

On if Tuiasosopo has shown his DL roots:
The way he talks about specific techniques, you can tell he's worked more with defensive lineman, which will help us and be good, help us with our punch. Our get off. He's really good at teaching us keys about our offensive linemen, the way they're lined up.

On if he's talked with Anthony Barr:
Yeah, I talk with Anthony every day. Just about the process for him, how I should approach every day. Anthony has been a big brother to me over the past couple of years. I really appreciate it and how he's helped me. He still lives in the same place, so if I need anything, I can go over there.

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