VIDEO: Mora on Monday's Practice

Coach Jim Mora talked Monday after what he considered a good practice, UCLA gets a new offensive lineman, and more...

Opening statement:
It was good to be out here on a Monday night. I thought the energy was good as we got going. I thought we started slow. I didnt have to say a lot, they felt it and they picked it up. It ended up being a crisp and productive practice. Once again, I thought Brett looked good. I thought Poasi continues to make strides at the right tackle position. We had Malcolm a little bit and getting him going. It will be a few days to get him up to speed. I thought it was a good practice. It was a long day, we started at 7, but that's ok, that's part of the process. It was a good productive day for us.

On Malcolm Bunche:
I didn't watch him a lot. I watched a couple steps. He was struggling a little like you think. He hadn't played for a while. He wasn't in our winter program, so he's a little behind. But the thing about Malcolm is he's really mature. He's very smart, he wants it bad. He's got a great attitude. What you'll see is the freshman will drop off a little, they'll get tired. I think with Malcolm you'll see him start to ascend every practice just because he's getting his rythym back. He's a big body and he gives us that experienced offensive lineman that we need. And he's acted as a mentor a little bit. In his own quiet way. I appreciate that he's here. He'll be a guard for us. That was always the plan. When you look at the position type, the body type, and what we're looking for, Poasi is a tackle and he's going to be a really good tackle. You look at Malcolm and he has a tackle body type, but he has guard girth and he can bend a little bit. You look at Najee or Scott Quessenberry and Brendel and Hulick and Alex Redmond, and those guys are more isnide guys. You look aT Caleb and his length, he's a tackle. I think we're set up really well. I like where we look as an offensive line and I've been really impressed with them.

On Eldridge Massington:
Particularly when we get in tight in the red zone. He's a big body for Brett to throw to. Two days ago, Brett threw a ball that Eldridge looked covered, and Brett threw it over the DBs head to Eldridge and came over and said 'he's a nice big target.' Then you saw it in the red zone. He uses his body well. He has enough push off to create separation. He's just going to get better and better. The thing with Eldridge is he was limited in the spring, and the fall and in the season, he was running scout team so he was never running our plays with our offense. You're just going to see him get better because he works at it. You see him take on Myles in the first part. It was funny and great and shows you the mindset of Eldridge, in our meeting we're talking about our Pride Alley, the Oklahoma drill, and I said who wants to go first and Eldridge goes. So I said, call it out, who do you want, and Eldridge says 'Myles'. I told him I'll have lifeline over here to have ready. He did well, he's tough and aggressive. I like his attitude. He loves to compete.

On Zach Whitley playing outside linebacker:
Yeah we moved him around a little bit. We're going to do some experimenting there and try to find the right person to play opposite Myles. Zach's got length, really long arms, he can separate. There is competition there. I don't want anyone to assume they have the job. So Kenny, Deon and Zach, and anyone else who shows up, there is going to be strong competition there. We want the best four guys there. From a mental standpoint, he's a little behind, he doesn't know the ins and the outs quite. From a physical standpoint, the first day he was good, the second two days, he fell off a bit. He came back today, he was strong. I think he's the kid that the more we go on, the stronger he's going to get. I don't think he's a typical freshman that falls off. This is a determined kid. You've seen him. He's bound and determined to win and be an impact player.

On Ben Wysocki's timetable for a return:
I don't know that yet, but thankfully it wasn't broken. They called it a moderate, medial sprain. Ben, I don't know if he'll be back this spring, but at least it wasn't broken.

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