VIDEO: Perkins on Depth Chart

Running back Paul Perkins talks about how he's adjusting to the new running backs coach, what he thinks of the new drills, and how he sees the depth chart shaking out...

Paul Perkins:

On spring practice:
I'm finally a vet, no more rookie status or getting the water anymore. It's a good feeling, being familiar with the plays and the coaching staff.

On taking the younger guys under his wing:
I had to grow really fast when Craig came. I had to mentor him, he was my roommate. Mentor him, groom him along and help him know the plays. We're always competing against each other, but you don't want that to get in the way of mentoring guys or getting to know each other. That's what I learned from JetSki, that he was able to keep a sense of professionalism but still teach me and mentor me.

On the new depth chart with a new RB coach:
There is no depth chart. There is, but everyone is fighting for a spot now, it's free game and open season and everyone has embraced that and come in with a new mindset.

On the new running backs drills:
It's going to take a while to get the stuff down and the new technique and the ways he wants us to do it. It's fun. It's tiring but it's worth it. He's a big collision guy and how you react to collision and separate from collisions. Football is about collisions.

On his size:
I've put on a little more weight, getting bigger and been in the weight room. That was a big emphasis for me over this offseason, getting in the weight room and getting bigger. I'm 202. I feel good but I can always gain some weight and stay fast.

On his development:
I have no idea the depth chart, but I know I'm coming along well, staying in the film room, staying a student of the game and then I think I'll be ok.

On the running back rotation:
We have a good enough backfield that anyone can start at any given time.

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