VIDEO: Ortiz on Offseason

Slot receiver Jalen Ortiz talks about his increasing comfort level in the offense and how he changed his body this past offseason...

Jalen Ortiz:

On playing the slot:
It's good, it's a lot better than last year because last year was my first year in the slot since in high school I played running back and corner. It's getting more comfortable the more I work at it.

On learning from Devin Fuller:
I learn a lot, he answers any questions I have and I can watch him and learn from him.

On his receiver experience:
I played mainly running back and corner. It was a big adjustment, but Coach Yarbs is a big help, Coach Marsh is a big help and Devin is a big help too.

On his development:
It's good, I'm taking a big step since my freshman year and I just have to keep trying to make gains day by day.

On his size:
I'm up to 185 right now. I want to get maybe a little bigger, but that's definitely a solid weight.

On different positions:
Not from what I've heard, I'm in the slot right now.

On his projections for playing time:
Hopefully, I'm just out here trying to work and trying to compete and lean from Devin.

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