VIDEO: Hundley After a Week

Quarterback Brett Hundley talked about the team's development after the first four practices of the spring...

Brett Hundley answered questions from the media Monday night after practice.

On how he feels heading into week two:
Really good. The offense is coming along good, the defense is really nice. We have a lot to work on, but as a unit, we're further along this year than last year.

On experimenting more:
A lot. It's the difference between me expecting a lot of myself and knowing what I'm supposed to do and not knowing what I'm supposed to do. Just playing with it and still getting mad at myself because it may not be to my expectations. We're doing a lot of things under center, and doing things with footwork. I'm not trying to kill myself with mistakes but I do expect a lot out of my performance. We're learning a lot these next couple of weeks. It's more with the offense, just doing a couple of different things, and footwork and different plays. That's basically what it comes down to.

On Malcolm Bunche:
He's really good and looks really nice too. He's a big boy. Big man. It's nice to see him up on the line. If you're as a quarterback and looking at the line, it's a big group of men and they're going to be really good for us. They call them O-Line U, Coach Klemm does.

On his receivers:
Eldridge Massington has come along really far. I've talked about him since last year, but that's almost my little brother on the team. Just being able to help him. And to see what he can bring to the team. As long as he handles his business, he can do big things this year. I'm putting it out there that he will. He's a special player, can jump out of the room, has big upside and will be a big receiver for us.

On the protection with Malcolm Bunche:
I'm back there just going through my reads. When we go live, I can give you a better idea. Right now, I'm not being touched. But both look really well. Malcolm, when he gets in, he'll be really good.

On his confidence in the offensive line:
Not even for the O-Line, but the whole team. As you see us out here, we're not as scattered. We know what we're doing, we're a more mature team. Me and Jake, we're going on our third year. There is a lot of experience here.

On playing his hometown team, Arizona State:
It's a different experience because you have all your friends texting you and calling you, like when we play Arizona. It's different from when you go down and play. You have everybody out at the game. It's nice to be able to go down to there and play but you can't make it bigger than it is.

On if there is a bond between the Arizona players on the team:
Obviously, the quarterback bond isn't just with players on the offense. Priest has come a long way with his development. If he's doing something, I may exploit it and he can grow from that and fix it. If he takes something from me, it works both way. It's not just with me but it's with the whole team.

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