VIDEO: Jack on Leadership

Linebacker Myles Jack talked about being a captain as a sophomore, the improved talent on defense, and more...

Myles Jack talked about his new leadership role.

On the first week of practice:
My body is a little sore getting back to playing football. It's just great to be back out here with our teammates, playing under the lights. It's awesome just to kind of get an environment with the tempo, everyone getting better.

On if he thinks the tempo is faster:
It's way faster than last year. I'm running because I'm sprinting to the ball and then we have to get back because they're already under center. The tempo, everything is more advanced, the defense is more advanced, the offense is moving faster, it's making us better.

On the biggest difference between Jeff Ulbrich and Lou Spanos:
I'd say the difference in everything is Coach Brick is a little more organized. Last year we just played defense, but this year, Coach Brick has more of a standard. It's specific as far as gaps. It's more detailed to a T. You know exactly where you need to be and if you're not there, it shows. That's one difference. Accountability. Coach Brick, you saw he had his punishment, with up and downs. It's a lot more strict but it's only going to make us better this year.

On if his role has changed:
It's mostly the same thing. It's just me being more vocal. He's putting a lot more responsibility on me. Overall, I'm becoming a leader until EK comes back and then I'll help him with that role. Coach Brick and I talked this weekend, he's going to change up the defense a little bit, so that way I'm not switching up and I'll get a chance to rush a little bit more instead of strictly cover like last year. He gave me some opportunity today and moving forward I'll get more opportunity.

On his pass rushing:
I definitely feel better as a pass rusher, using the offseason to work with the guys. I definitely have a whole lot more to improve on. I'm no where near Anthony, so I have a long way to go. I'm definitely moving forward, using Coach Tui and Coach Brick to become a better player.

On if he's trying to fill Barr's role:
That's what I'm really striving for. Trying to be like Anthony. He's going to the league in a couple of weeks. I'm trying to see if I can become a pass rusher like him.

On his leadership role:
It's definitely new. Coming in as a sophomore, it's a little wierd, but guys believe in me and value what I say. I just have to have the confidence to use my voice and speak up. Not talk down but just speak up when things aren't right and hold myself accountable when I'm not right. It's definitely a big role, but I'm ready to fill those shoes.

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