VIDEO: Bunche on Arrival at UCLA

Graduate transfer guard Malcolm Bunche talks about adjusting to the pace of practice, his reasons for leaving Miami, and why he chose UCLA...

Malcolm Bunche:

On the first couple of practices:
They've gone pretty good.  I'm getting adjusted to the plays and the tempo and getting into shape.

On the difference between UCLA and Miami's tempo:
Our first year with Jedd Fisch, he was our offensive coordinator, we kind of had the same up-tempo plays, get to the line, get to the ball, it's similar but it's been a while since I played like that.

On being one of the older guys:
The guys on the offensive line, we gel anyways, so we're all really leaders.  It's my first time here, only my second practice, so I'm still learning.

On why he left Miami:
I felt like it was time for a change.  It was time to move on.  Miami was great for me, I had fun, I enjoyed the coaches and the players, I miss some of the guys.  But it was a personal decision for me.  My playing time from last year, I feel like I put in the time on the practice field and weight room and they didn't play me as much as I would have liked. 

On what made UCLA attractive:
The coaching staff, Coach Klemm, Coach Mora.  Values.  Great team, great personality, winning mentality, a group of guys that is getting better and better and uprising.  I felt I was another piece to add to the puzzle.  I considered Texas Tech. I wanted to narrow down my options.  I had a lot of schools that were contacting me, but I narrowed it down to two.  Like ASAP, really quick.

On if he cared about his position:
It was whatever Coach Klemm wanted me to go at.  If it was center, I would adjust to the role.  If it was right tackle, right guard, whatever. 

On how the transition has gone:
Pretty good.  The campus is nice, the teachers are great.  The adjustment was a process, it wasn't easy.  But I'm starting to gel.

On what he played at Miami:
Last season I played mostly guard, both right and left.  My sophomore year I played tackle, redshirt year, I played tackle. 

On what position was set for when he got to UCLA:
It was settled when I arrived.  I told Coach that I played all five positions throughout my stint at Miami.  So I told him wherever he wanted me to play, I'll adjust to it.  He said left guard and that's where I'm at.

On if he's doing more pulling:
I love pulling. I love pulling, I love smashing the linebackers.  I love contact.  It's not a problem.  It's fun.  It's football. 

On why he decided to stay in college:
I felt like I could get better.  That was the reason for me coming back to college football. I Love college football.  Who doesn't?  It's another opportunity to get better and get my graduate degree and just enjoy UCLA football, Coach Mora and Coach Klemm.

On his draft projection:
Fourth round.

On offseason workouts:
I worked out at home.  Conditioning, weight lifting.  I'm probably around 317, 318.  I want to be maybe a little lighter.

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