VIDEO: Iese on Fullback Role

Nate Iese talks about the switch to fullback this spring and whether he's finally found the right fit for him after a few position changes...

Nate Iese:

On the position change:
I feel very comfortable. The position they have me playing, they call it a fullback, but in this offense, it's more expanded, running routes. I think that's because we have a more athletic group with the guys playing the position. I'm very comfortable with it. Learning and practicing it on the field, it's transpiring. I'm really comfortable with that.

On how his role has changed from last year:
It's definitly changed a lot. Last year was more head on blocking, base blocking, which was perfectly fine, but I think this will expand not only this position but our offense as a whole, in terms of giving defenses different look.

On if he'll get carries:
Oh yeah, I'm not sure about handoffs, but I'll be getting a lot of balls thrown to the flat, seams up the middle. Against the DBs, it will be difficult to guard big bodies like me, Tre Hale and Thomas Duarte.

On what he improved on in the offseason:
Getting bigger, but keeping consistent speed. Coach Alosi did a really good job with that, bulking us up in the weight room, bench, squat, cleans. Just getting more powerful in our hips and keeping a consistent speed out here.

On his weight:
I'm about 245. During the season, I was 230, 235.

On if he's in the running back room:
Right now, I am in the running back room. Coach KP has done a great job with us, I'm in the office almost every day with home. He's had a lot of NFL experience, Maurice Jones-Drew, fullbacks. He's been great with me. I don't know if I'll spend a lot of time in the receiver room. I'm sure it will only go as far as the slot, but as of now, I'm really comfortable with where I am.

On if he's seen clips of other players Polamalu used like him:
Yeah, he's shown me clips when he coached the Jaguars, and Maurice Jones-Drew, they had a big fullback they used. There is a lot of film he uses of his past coaching time in the film room and their technique and it really helps.

On if he feels this position uses his skill set the best:
I would think so. I feel more comfortable than I've felt at any position I've ever played, ever. I'm comfortable with it, and I think the coaches are comfortable with it. If I transpire it to the field from every practice, I'm sure we'll keep it this way.

On his hands:
I think I've always had a natural catching ability, but in terms of defense, it's always good to have big hands, but it's better to have it transpire to the offensive side of the ball.

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