VIDEO: Massington at Full Strength

Eldridge Massington says he's all the way back from ACL surgery and says his speed and explosiveness has almost completely returned...

Eldridge Massington:

On having the knee brace:
It feels great. I feel free. Like I'm finally able to let loose.

On if he's noticed the explosiveness back:
Yeah. I noticed that in the offseason as soon as I started running without it. I started getting faster and faster. Brett used to be able to stay with me when we were running but now I take off on him.

On if he feels like he lost any speed:
I feel like I'm getting it all back. I'm really back to full speed, almost, and just continuing to get stronger and stronger out here and in the weight room.

On being a touchdown threat:
That's my strength, my size and my speed. That's something me and Brett were walking on in the offseason, deep balls and being a red zone threat.

On his relationship with Brett Hundley:
That's my big brother. He looks after me. Not only on the field, but off the field. He's always picking me up to come to his house. It's just the relationship that we've got and it carries over to the field.

On what he's working on in the offseason:
Everything in my receiver game. Doing everything Coach Yarbs tells me to. Just trusting everything he says and making sure my connection with Brett is right.

On if he lost any confidence:
At first, it was just trusting my knee and getting back in to it. Now, I don't worry about my knee anymore. It's just playing. Last year I used to think a lot, now I don't even worry about it. I'm just playing.

On his relationship with the quarterbacks:
I worked with almost all of them in the offseason, Jerry, Asiantii, Brett. I worked with all of them. It's this trust we've developed over time.

On learning UCLA's playbook:
I came in the offseason to learn everything and make sure everything was right. So I pretty much knew everything. Now it's learning the details and why we do everything, and why we do certain plays. What the defense is running, all that stuff.

On if he feels the redshirt year was a good thing:
Yeah, it was. It helped me get back into football, get back into the speed and recover. Getting back to it, trusting everything and getting my confidence back.

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