VIDEO: Lee on Blocking, Polamalu

Craig Lee talks about how he needs to improve as a blocker and what kind of feedback he's gotten from new coach Kennedy Polamalu so far this spring...

Craig Lee:

On how he feels:
Body wise, I feel great, working with Coach Alosi, moving up in my lift groups. I feel stronger, faster.

On what he focused on during the winter:
Mostly my explosiveness and my speed.

On if he notices a difference this spring:
Oh yes, most definitely. Since I know the plays better, and I'm working with my running backs coach, Coach P, yeah.

On his knowledge of the playback:
We're changing stuff up a little bit here and there and there are some things to work on, but it's working pretty good.

On adjusting to Coach Polamalu:
He's great. He's got a lot of energy. I like it.

On working on pass blocking:
I'm still improving on that, much improvement is needed there.

On his goals for the year:
I do plan to be in the rotation.

On if he's gotten an indication of he'll be in the rotation:
Yeah, if I keep improving day by day, then I should.

On the feedback from the coaches:
That I've been growing each day, they see improvement, they see me working hard, and if I keep doing that day by and take it day by day, I should be in the rotation.

On if he sees more of a big play role for him:
I don't know. There is a whole lot.

On what his strengths are:
My speed mostly and a little bit of explosiveness.

On his size:
5-11, 185. I came in at 189 or so, but with the summer training and coming straight into football, I lost weight and was 177 in the season.

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