VIDEO: Martin Not Happy with Practice

Defensive Backs Coach Demetrice Martin talked about Thursday's practice being a setback...

On the DB situation this year compared to last spring:
We've got more numbers this year. With more numbers, we have more competition. With more competition, the guys are getting better faster. That's the positive. Today was a step in the wrong direction but we'll get it fixed before Saturday.

On what he's seen from Tahaan Goodman:
A lot more confidence. A lot more belief in the technique. A lot more understanding of the scheme. We're doing some things different, but in the secondary, a lot of carryover, maybe a tweak here or there. As far as the technique and schematic part, it's pretty much the same.

On why Thursday was a step back:
Because we didn't win every rep, so that's a step back for me. Every rep.

On if the expectations are higher:
The whole team in general, we told them in recruiting, we're going to coach their butt off and make them the best that they can be, so it's never going to be good enough, especially in the defensive backfield. We all know that if we miss a tackle or give up a pass, everyone in the world is going to see it. We have to be the guys, the protectors of the defense. The gatekeepers. We've got to be the guys to get them down.

On if he's harder on the veterans:
No doubt. The expectation is higher so the toleration for little, minute mistakes is intolerable. We step it up on them, keep their foot on their neck, so those guys will keep getting better. And it's good because those young guys will be wide eyed and be like 'those four and five stars didn't mean nothing.' Everyone is a big fish at this level.

On having five capable starters in the secondary:
With the conference we play in, with the quarterbacks we go against, the receivers we play, week in and week out, it's very important that we have some choices to go to at defensive back. I'm still very selfish and five isn't enough.

On Priest Willis running with the one's:
We switched it up a bit. As far as depth chart each day. The depth chart is a rep chart, we renamed it, so it's getting reps. I just try to keep guys with even amount of reps.

On Anthony Jefferson and Randall Goforth moving around:
Last year, we kind of stumbled upon it because we were short in numbers. Quite honestly, we had to have them both play corner a little in the season. This year, going into the spring, we said lets get those reps in now, so that way if we have to go there during the season, we're prepared for it. I'm trying to move guys all around. Today Pickett played a little nickel for the first down, and he's been playing corner. Later in the week, we may move Tahaan down. Just getting guys reps so they know the position.

On if he's seeing more maturity from Tahaan Goodman:
Overall, both on and off the field. He and Priest both have grown and matured a lot and it's showing up in their play. A lot more confident, and moving around and making plays.

On if he wishes he'd have moved more guys around last season:
The scheme was pretty new so it was getting the guys to learn at their specific spots. We also didn't have the luxury of numbers. When you have numbers, you can move them. You didn't want to waste those reps when you had less numbers.

On Adarius Pickett:
He's doing well, he's doing what expected of a true freshman. He and Rob Robinson are where I expected them to be. Guys that are going to come in and be a little wide eyed and like this is faster, bigger and stronger. But their both picking the defense up and more confident. You thought they might have some non success but they're both bouncing backs. They've got questions about everything.

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