VIDEO: Mazzone on Young Talent

Offensive Coordinator Noel Mazzone talked after practice Thursday about some of the young players flashing talent in spring...

On the backup quarterback battle:
A battle. There is a battle, Jerry's doing some great stuff. Mike was sick the beginning of spring ball and he's getting his feet back under him. And Asiantii is going through the learning curve of a young quarterback. It goes pretty fast for him out there. He flashes and then he makes some bonehead mistakes and then he flashes.

On Woulard's improvements:
Right now, I think we made two (good plays) in a row and tomorrow, we'll work for three in a row. He's got all the ability in the world. Now it's just playing the game enough.

On if Woulard has shortened his throwing motion up:
I don't know. Ask Taylor.

On what Craig Lee has shown:
He's shown up a little, hasn't he? I'm excited about him. I'm excited about the whole group back there. I think Steve is having a good spring, along with JJ and Paul. They're having a good spring. I think Craig is falling right in there and watching them and learning how we play. He's starting to grasp it.

On if Lee is going to be in the rotation come fall:
There is a long way to go to say that. We've got a long ways to go before the fall.

On what Lee needs to continue to improve on:
Just consistency, like all young guys. He'll come in and you'll be like 'man he's got it.' Then a couple things go wrong, and he does a few things wrong. It's a matter of him down after down after down being a consistent player for us.

On Malcolm Bunche:
He's big. Is that an obvious statement? Right now he's got to play himself into shape.

On Thomas Duarte:
I like that guy. That's number 18 right? I like him. He gives us size. I don't know what he's weighing, but he's filling out. He's smooth and has good ball skills. To me, the key no matter how good they are is the me-to-you factor that Brett has with them. I could love the guy, but if Brett doesn't like them, he ain't going to throw them the football. That's how those guys are. I'm really seeing the me-to-you factor there with our receivers.

On Mossi Johnson:
I'll tell you who else I'm excited about is Mossi. He shows up on my doorstep, because he was a defensive guy. They usually steal them from me.

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