VIDEO: Clark Talks Development

Nose tackle Kenny Clark talks about the strides he's made as a player over the last year, since joining the team last summer...

Kenneth Clark:

On expectations:
I know what's expected. I've got a year under my belt, so I know what's expected for this team, what's expected from Coach Mora and Coach Brick.

On his weight:
I'm 315. Last year, I was 307. I want to stay in between 310 and 315. I'm getting bigger, I'm getting stronger, faster and way more explosive than I was last year. I think I got way more explosive than I did.

On if he worked on anything in the offseason:
I just worked on my feet, getting my feet right. Really just Coach Alosi, waking up and getting right to it. Starting fast, and ending fast. Coach Alosi did a great job and the next 3-4 years I'm here, I can't imagine how I'll be when I'm done with this.

On his playing time as a freshman:
Hard work, my parents told me to keep my head up. I think it all came down to just being physical. Doing what Coach Angus told me to do, running to the ball and running hard. Playing with a high intensity and doing what the coaches asked me to do.

On what Angus had him working on the most:
Being square. It's helped me shed my blockers quicker and helps me get down to the line literally. Tackles for loss, tackles, it gets you set up and in a good position to shed guys.

On playing nose a little more:
Just coming out here and playing football, the only way we can get in shape is playing in football. That's what we're doing in spring, learning technique. Our roles are increasing. You've got to do what you've got to do.

On if there was a point the light went on as a freshman:
Probably the Arizona State game. My role was increasing. It was just my role increasing. Coach Angus and Coach Brick and Coach Spanos told me I've got to be ready. Just keep playing hard and do what I'm supposed to do. Be a high contributor to the team. Make plays and play football.

On if the rotation may shorten:
We have to see with the freshman coming in do, how Kylie is doing and how everyone is doing. See how Ainuu and Jacob and Matt Dickerson, just seeing how they blossom and play in our system. We'll see when the season comes. If they work out, and we work out, we'll rotate and bring guys in and play with a higher intensity.

On the toughest part to grasp as a freshman was:
Honestly, I played a 3-5 in high school, so it wasn't a big difference. Really the difference was the technique part of it. I was used to being double and triple teamed. Getting used to the strength of college players, the tempo and the speed of the game, and the technique Angus wanted and applying it.

On going against Malcolm Bunche:
It's good. He's got strong hands. He can move his feet and extend on pass protection. I just try to extend from my point and get down the line with him and penetrate. He's a pretty good player and a pretty cool guy too.


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