VIDEO: Goforth on Gaining Experience

Randall Goforth talks about the versatility in the secondary and what kind of leadership role he's taking now that he's one of the older guys in the group...

Randall Goforth:

On being one of the veterans of the secondary:
It's very humbling. Every year I try to get better and try to get to that next level. I'm with our coaches everyday. With my team, trying to make sure everyone is on the right track. We'll need more than group one, we'll need multiple groups:

On the depth in the secondary:
It's very comforting honestly to know that when you come out it won't drop off. That's what we preach. This year we're trying to be the number one group on the backend. Everyday we try to get better and get the team chemistry going and come out here and compete.

On the versatility of the secondary:
We have to be very versatile to be back there. One thing Coach Meat preaches to us is to be able to run and hit and cover. Every day we work out on everything. You never want to run short on anything.

On his comfort at safety:
I'm getting my feet wet. I love to see everything. The coaches want me to see the whole field. At corner I'm comfortable but I just see one side of the field. Safety is a comfortable position.

On if he's taking any of the younger DBs under his wing:
I feel like they're all adults and mature and know what they're supposed to do. If any of them have questions, I'm there for them. We're there for each other. The whole DB group is under my wing.

On the expectations of the secondary this year:
We pride ourselves on winning every rep. If you want to be the best in the country, you have to win every rep. You may lose some, but the majority, you have to win and we pride ourselves on winning. Today was a step back, but we'll get back in the lab and come back out here strong the next practice.

On the difference in the secondary this year:
More maturity, more numbers and we're all friends. It's not like anyone is isolated from anyone. We're all one group, one brother hood, one family. I think that plays a big part in the chemistry with each other.

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