VIDEO: Goodman on Adjustments

Safety Tahaan Goodman talks about the strides he's made since coming into the program last year and how he's been able to seize a role with the first team...

Tahaan Goodman:

On his confidence:
We have more confidence. Our coaches have helped with that, Coach Meat and Coach Mora and just helping us character wise and on the field. We feel confident in the things we need to do as a defense.

On what he's learned in the past year:
More character things, more mental things, like learning how to prepare for things I need to do and things I need to take out of my life so I can be better and be more focused.

On his growth last year and his comfort level this year:
I'm a lot more comfortable. Just a lot of practice, a lot of work. A lot of meetings with coaches. Talking with them and learning things I need to know. That's helped a lot.

On adjustments from high school:
It wasn't too much of an adjustment. It was just the tempo coming in and the change of names, the wording was different. Thanks to my high school coach, we run a lot of the same things and the coverages.

On what he studied in the offseason:
This past winter I really wanted to build character and help the team. And learn everyone's position instead of my own. Also I did track and footwork to get my feet right and get faster.

On what the coaches told him they wanted to see from him:
The coaches said they wanted to see the speed and the stamina and also the direction, the change of direction.

On his weight:
Physically, I feel great, I gained a couple pounds, I'm 200-something right now. I feel good and I'm where I want to be.

On running with the one's in some groups:
It's a great experience just being able to prepare and know the plays and know everything I need to do and come out and help the team in anyway I can.

On if there were things he'd have done differently as a freshman:
A lot of things, cold tubs and staying in and things like that. Staying more focused and cutting off the social things and focus more on football.

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