VIDEO: Rios on His Return

Cornerback Marcus Rios, who battled a life-threatening fungal infection last year, talks about the long struggle to return to the field and how it feels to be playing again...

Marcus Rios:

On his comeback:
It feels good. It feels good to be back here with my brothers. That's all I wanted was to be back here. Have fun and be out here every day. I'm having fun.

On the process to return all the way:
Really just strength wise with Coach Alosi. I worked hard this offseason, weight, running. Had to get my strength back. It's a long process. I was out a long time, so I lost everything. I just thank God, the doctors for fixing me right. I'm really thankful for that, that's the most important thing. And the coaches and staff for supporting me. I've just got to keep working hard to get to where I was and get better and rise up.

On what's come back the quickest:
I would say the tempo and the speed. The first practice, I wasn't really used to it, it was different, like I was a freshman again. I just keep working hard and doing what I do.

On the most difficult thing:
Probably the technique, I lost a lot of that. It's a repeat all over again. I'm working hard.

On his goals for the year:
Just getting my strength back and my speed and physicalness. Knowing different positions and stuff like that.

On more competition in the secondary:
That definitely helps, I knew that from the get go when I was a freshman. I already knew I was going to have to compete when I signed. I loved to compete and we're all competing at the same time and that's what we want to be a better football team.

On his current weight:
Right now I'm about 180. I want to get to 185, 190 by the end of the season. I've gone up. I came back about 135. It was a hard process, but thanks to God and my teammates and coaches and staff, they were there for me, stuck with me and been there for me. I'm just thankful for that, it could be a lot worse. I'm just thankful to be back out here.

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