VIDEO: Lacy at Right Tackle

Kenny Lacy talks about the transition to right tackle, his offseason training, and going up against Kenny Orjioke in practice...

Kenny Lacy:

On the transition to tackle:
I came in planning to play left tackle, but I ended up going inside, which was a great experience, I ended up getting to learn all the positions.  But I'm much more comfortable playing outside, and I'm happy about that.

On his physical transformation:
Coach Alosi had a great winter program and got us all so much more explosive and stronger.  I feel good.

On small group workouts:
Our class is real tight, the 2013 class, and a lot of us came out here and worked together, and we just wanted to get better and show it this spring.

On his current weight:
I'm waiting from 289-293, somewhere in there.  I want to play the season at 295, I'll feel good there.  Coach Alosi works with my flexibility and athleticism overall and I feel like a totally better player.

On his comfort at tackle:
I'm comfortable at right tackle.  It's no where near the end of it, but I'm trying to work hard and get better.

On if he could still end up at guard:
Nothing is permanent, but right now I'm playing tackle, where coach wants me, but if I need to go to the left side or inside, I'll be able to do whatever I'm asked to do.

On how the transition has gone:
Pretty good.  The campus is nice, the teachers are great.  The adjustment was a process, it wasn't easy.  But I'm starting to gel.

On redshirting while other freshman linemen played:
It was definitely motivating and it makes you work harder and mature inside and do some things better.

On his goals for the season:
My goal is to start at right tackle and just help the team win games any way I can.

On working with Caleb Benenoch:
Caleb is a real good player.  Me and him work together a lot, teach each other, help each other.  He's good at pass protection and that's something we work on.

On going against Kenny Orjioke:
He's a good player, but we definitely should be winning those reps and that's something we need to work on to get better.

On feedback from Coach Klemm:
I've got to punch and keep my hands high and punch.  That's something we have to work on as a group.


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