VIDEO: Mora on Monday

Head coach Jim Mora talks about the injury statuses of a few players and also talks about how pleased he is with Ka'imi Fairbairn's spring...

Jim Mora:

Opening statement:
We got a lot of work done tonight. I'll tell you what, two things stood out to me tonight. Number one, the offensive line, we were down a couple guys, and they were rotating through, and they were battling. It's not fun for them but it's good for them, learning to play different positions, having to adjust on the run. Learning the scheme, and learning to play next to each other, I thought that was pretty good. And we haven't talked about Ka'imi Fairbairn at all, but I think he's only missed 1-2 field goals the entire spring. He hit another 60-yarder tonight. I think every time I've put him at 60-yards, he's made it. I think he's made tremendous progress. I think a lot of that has to do with the snap and the hold and the mechanics of kicking a field goal is more than just swinging his leg. The snap has to be right. Right now you're seeing Longo put the laces in the right spot every single time. Jerry worked with Ka'imi and they adjusted the way the ball was put down on the ground, they leaned it forward a little bit. Jeff Locke came back with a little tip from the NFL to increase the sweet spot, and I think he's really hitting the ball well and with a lot of consistency. It was a good night and a good practice, coming back after an excellent practice on Saturday and got some work down. I like where we're at.

On Zach Whitley and Caleb Benenoch:
Zach probably won't like me saying this but he fell down the stairs today, he took a wrong step. I don't know what he was doing, but his heel slipped and he took a stumble and got a bruise. He'll be back on Wednesday. Caleb, same thing, he felt like his knee hyper extended a little, but you saw him over there riding the bike, and he'll be back on Wednesday.

On Johnny Johnson:
He hurt his shoulder and he's out for the rest of spring.

On Isaako Savaiinaea:
He'll be back on Wednesday. You guys worry too much about injuries. Worry about the guys practicing, not the ones not practicing.

On Malcolm Bunche:
I didn't watch him. I'll tell you after I watch the film. If you want to call me after midnight, I'll tell you.

On Poasi Moala and Kenny Lacy:
All I know is that they had to move around a lot. Adrian was back there, going crazy. But they did a good job. It wasn't perfect, but there is a lot to learn putting them in that position.

On Mossi Johnson and Ishmael Adams:
We had a little tussle between Mossi and Ish. Forced them to stay in there. I wanted to see if they could get refocused and play the next play. Your typical reaction some time is to get them out of there. But I think we're at the point as a team, rather than get them out of there, I want to see if they can get refocused. If they can play the next play. This is when you have to learn those things. Those are some competitive guys right there. Mossi has caught our eyes, I know you guys have seen that and he presents a heck of a challenge. It's great for guys like Ish and Fabien. There is going to be dustups like that. If they can get refocused for the next play, that's big for us.

On if Asiantii Woulard and Jerry Neuheisel are still neck-and-neck:
You know, I'm not evaluating the quarterbacks yet. I want to see their body of work, throughout the spring. I want to see where they are and evaluate them at the end, instead of on a day-to-day basis. You know, I think the guy that we don't talk about enough is Mike Fafuel. Mike does a heck of a job when he's out there. He's got a heck of an arm. He's accurate. To me, all three of those guys are kind of in a cluster. We'll see who emerges here in a couple of weeks.

On Craig Lee's progress:
He, in his protection and the way he catches the ball, he's got good burst through the hole. He looks good. I've been impressed with him. And he seems like he has a much better grasp of what he's supposed to do right now. It's hard for those guys on the scout team last year. They went almost the entire year not playing in our offense. Now, they sat in our meetings and they heard the verbiage, but they really didn't get to practice our offense like those guys. Now that he's got a couple of weeks under his belt, you're seeing him starting to take off. You guys get to see Kennedy's individual work, and he does a phenomenal job. The focus on fundamentals, his attention to details is fantastic. When you watch the 1on1 pass pro that we do, it gets competitive and violent.

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