VIDEO: Hundley on His Receivers

Brett Hundley talks about the new weapons he has in the receiving corps and how Craig Lee is coming along as a blocker...

Brett Hundley:

On the offensive line having a lot of movement on Monday:
They do good. There were a lot of moving parts with a lot of people moving, but who's ever in there playing, we had Malcolm at right tackle today, Colby was in there, Carl was in there, we had a lot of guys moving. What it comes down to is who is in there. We're going to get it down and I'm going to trust them. There is no more excuses for who we have, who we don't have. It's about getting their job done and the offensive line is working their butts off.

On if the better depth is giving him more comfort:
Just to know we have people behind them that will get the job done. As long as I trust them and get behind them, we'll be fine.

On Caleb Benenoch:
Caleb is a monster. Hopefully everybody will be healthy 100% of the time, but some will get nicks and bruises.

On Craig Lee:
Craig Lee has come a long way. He's still developing as a running back but he's got such an upside to him and once he gets it and understands the game and really gets the concepts of everything we're doing, he's going to be lights out.

On Lee's pass protection:
From where he was when he first got here to where he is now, he's come a long way. Gained some weight and really helping in the pass blocking. Running backs have to be able to pass block in our offense and stop a 230 pound linebacker and Craig Lee is doing a great job.

On Mossi Johnson:
Mossi is turning in to one of my favorite targets, honestly. He just has a different mindset to him and a nasty streak and he's scrappy. That's what you want from a receiver, one who will hit a DB in the mouth and then the next play, burn the DB. He's fast, he's smart, he understands the game. There are still the learning curves and I'll scream at him, but if you watch the film, you'll see the development from day one.

On Thomas Duarte:
TD is a monster. The way he can run, he's sort of deceptively fast and he can get away from a defensive back and outjump them. He's tall, he's very lengthy with his arms and where you can throw it and where he can go get it.

On Kenny Walker's speed:
You guys see it and I for sure see it. Kenny Walker, he just looks fast out there when you see him running, its like a blur. We need someone like that he can run a post. He's one that will fit in this offense so far.

On Malcolm Bunche:
He's come a long way. This offense is hard to adjust to when you're coming from a regular tempo offense and jumping to a fast paced offense and there are some things you have to catch up on and understand what we do. But he's come a long way. He fits the personality, off the field, he's a humble guy, real respectful. he knows the game and what he has to do and understands the game of football and what we're trying to accomplish.

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