VIDEO: Jack on Whitley

Myles Jack talks about Zach Whitley's skillset, what he's told him about playing linebacker in this defense, and more...

Myles Jack:

On spring practice:
Spring has definitely been good, we're moving forward, moving forward as a defense. We cut down and went back to the basics. We're opening everything up and putting more responsibilities on our shoulder and it's all starting to make sense now.

On Zach Whitley:
I've definitely seen improvement with him. Just with learning the plays. It's tough to come in in the spring and be thrown right into the fire. When we came in the summer we had some time to learn the plays, learn them without being thrown into the fire, learn them and then come out and experience them, but he was thrown into the fire and he's making plays and I applaud him for how he's been able to adapt to the college level and he's going to make real big things happen this year. I'm impressed with him.

On if he's given Whitley advice on both linebacker spots:
Definitely, he's playing a similar role that I am so I'm definitely giving him input before and after practice and at meetings. He's definitely eager to learn and just picking up the game and trying to get on the field as fast as possible and I see that in his eyes so I'm helping him along.

On playing nickel:
I'm more coverage and being out there with the receivers and get to play behind the ball more so i'm feeling inside gaps more. Outside I'm more rushing and I cover flats but when I'm in the inside, I have more vertical drops. It's what I'm used to and what I've been doing since I got here.

On any schematic changes with Ulbrich now the DC:
I wouldn't say there are any schematic changes, but things are more refined this year. It's pretty much the same stuff, we're just making things more specific. You know where you're supposed to be. That's what I like with what Coach Brick brings to the table and what we can do to take our defense to another level and make it the most dominant D in the Pac-12.

On what linemen are most difficult to pass rush:
All of them are difficult. Caleb Benenoch is a monster in his own right, Malcolm Bunche, I went against him today and he blocked out the whole sun. He's the real deal. Then Kenny Lacy. All of them are stout tackles and I'm getting good work with them. Pick your poison. They're all giving me good looks and getting me ready for the season.

On Malcolm Bunche:
He got moved today because of Caleb, but he seems like he could do both, it doesn't matter to him. Whatever he wants to do, that's his world. He's capable of both. Guard or tackle, he's solid at both positions.

On if there is pressure to replace Anthony Barr:
Anthony is irreplaceable in his own right. What he did was what he did. I'm trying to set my own standard, do what he did, things like Kenny Easley did, trying to be one of the great linebackers here at UCLA, that's where my mind is at and legacy is headed, trying to do great things in my own right.

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