VIDEO: Mazzone Talks Woulard

Offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone talks about the progress of Asiantii Woulard, Craig Lee's blocking improvement, and more...

Noel Mazzone:

On Asiantii Woulard:
He's struggling like they all do. I'm not panicking, he has all the tools, it's just things are going fast. In spring ball, there is something new that goes in every day, same with defense and new looks. you just have to focus more on the base and fundamentals of the offense. He has his flashes and then I want to choke him. Like a lot of young guys.

On the movement on the offensive line:
They're doing a great job. The other day, Malcolm played all five positions, and Najee and Quess do. Like I told them last night in our meetings, yeah it's hard, and they'll make mistakes but I think in the long run, it makes them understand how all five fit together in everything we do. They've played guard. they understand the issues he has. They play tackle and they understand guard. Center understanding guard and so forth. You just want those guys to play like a nickel and not five pennies. Right now the five pennies are all over the place and we want them to be a nickel some day.

On Najee Toran:
He's unbelievable. I'm yelling at them, what these kids understand now is there are no excuses. There is no more 'oh he's a freshman, he's this or he's that.' We don't live in that world. I told him we're going to coach him like we do Jake. We expect him to do things right and he's like most young guys, he's good and then as he gets tired, more plays come on his plate and he makes a few mistakes but I'm real happy with how he and Malcolm have fit in the group.

On any changes at running back:
I think they're having a good spring. I don't want to do a comparison frmo one guy to another guy, but I think the running backs are having a very solid spring.

On what Kennedy Polamalu brings to the table:
He's old, he's the only guy almost as old as me. He's coached some great players, he's been in the NFL and he's been at some other good places so he brings that experience to us. We're getting to do some things this spring, some things I didn't really have good expertise in that he brought to the table which I think is a great addition to what we're doing with Brett.

On Toran's pass protection:
He's tough. There is a lot of stuff going on there, though, and he's like Asiantii sometimes, where you go, 'what were you thinking?' But he's learning and asking the right questions and asking how he fits with the other offensive linemen.

On if Jordon James and Paul Perkins are developing:
Yeah. I think the whole group is having a really solid spring and I'm really happy with our running back situation.

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