VIDEO: Johnson on Hundley Connection

Mossi Johnson talks about his comfort level with Brett Hundley, how he's developing at the Y position, and more...

Mossi Johnson:

On his performance this spring:
Yeah, I came here thinking and having the mindset that I could play and wanting to come in and be a true freshman and play and not try to redshirt.

On if his knee has been a concern:
No, I felt like if i could not think about it and not baby it, then no harm is going to happen. What's the worst that could happen? I injure it again?

On his expectation to play this fall:
I don't know yet. Of course I'm running with the two's right now, but anything can happen. I'm just keeping my head over water and trying to keep getting their attention.

On playing with a nasty streak:
I guess you can say that. I'm trying to win. I'm trying to help the team out any way I can. Whether it's a block or a big play or a little play. The way I play is to win.

On trying to block Ellis McCarthy:
I'm not afraid, but he's a big dude. We all fall.

On the position switch:
It's the same mentality coming in, at defensive back, you don't want anyone to catch the ball on you and at receiver, you want to catch the ball on everybody. Any ball in the area is yours at receiver. At defensive back, any ball in the area, the way I saw it, any ball is yours too.

On playing the slot:
In high school I really wanted to play Y, but the way our team was set up, I had to play outside receiver. I actually get to play slot and I like it a lot. Thomas Duarte is teaching me a lot and how to be patient and how to run my routes and he coaches me a little bit, gives me congrats and tells me what I do wrong, it's great playing behind him. The great thing I see in him is he's always calm. He's laid back. He lets the game come to him and he doesn't try to do anything out of his job. He does his job every time.

On his relationship with Brett Hundley:
It's going pretty good and it will get stronger. It's coming naturally. He sees that I'm trying my hardest and that's what they like, to see that I'm trying.

On being told he's one of Hundley's favorite targets:
Yeah. That's cool.

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