Johnson's Recruitment Heating Up

2017 Mission Viejo (Calif.) receiver Keyshawn Johnson Jr. has already eclipsed the double-digit offer mark, and is in the process of taking unofficial visits...

It's tough to mention the name, Keyshawn Johnson Jr., without acknowledging his famous father, Keyshawn Johnson Sr., who was an All-American at USC and the top overall pick in the 1996 NFL Draft. The younger Johnson is making a name for himself and has blown past the double digit offer mark.

Johnson has good size for a freshman and should end up in the 6-3 to 6-4 range like his pops. He's a smooth route runner with soft hands and just needs to continue to work on his speed and overall explosiveness.

"I'm definitely working hard on my speed, trying to get stronger and faster," Johnson said. "I'm in the weight room every day at Mission Viejo and then running on the track afterwards to get my speed up."

Johnson took visits last week to Ohio State and Clemson and raved about both trips.

"Ohio State was a great trip," Johnson said. "I spent time with Coach Smith, the WR Coach and then talked with Urban Meyer as well. We took a tour of the campus and I got to spend a lot of time with my cousin, Michael Thomas, who's a receiver there.

"When we got to their practice, it was game on, it was incredible how they were flying around. They were going full speed, 100% and really getting after it. They did a drill with the receivers and DBs called ‘winner-loser and the loser had to clean the field, winners got to go home early. There was so much hitting going on, I was ready to play right there."

Ohio State offered Johnson two weeks ago and he said he plans to camp with the Buckeyes this summer. Next up for the receiver was a visit to Clemson.

"I loved Clemson too," Johnson said. "We toured the campus and I talked with Coach Scott, the WR coach. He talked about some of the game breakers they have had their in the past like Jacoby Ford, C.J. Spiller and of course Sammy Watkins. They have a great receiver tradition and have produced a lot of great players.

"We went out to practice and I got to talk with Coach Swinney and he's a great guy. He was a real joy to be around because of how happy and positive he was. Overall, it was a great vsit and Clemson is very high on my list right now."

Johnson said he'll visit California next week and is planning a few more but doesn't have any other trips locked in right now.

"I'm looking for a school where I can trust the coaches and get better as a player," Johnson said. "That's big for my dad, he wants me somewhere that he can trust the staff and knows they'll look out for me. I want to find a place where I like the coaches and they like me and I can just go and compete every day.

"I know with my dad going to USC, everyone assumes I will too but that's not true. I want to follow in his footsteps and be a great player like him but that doesn't mean I'm going to do everything he did. Growing up, I rooted for USC, my dad and mom both went there but I'm looking at this as a business decision and I want to find the place that is the best fit for me."

Johnson said he doesn't have a leader right now and is still open to everyone.

"I don't have a favorite but I like all the schools I've visited so far," Johnson said. "I was at Arizona State and Arizona and liked both schools a lot. Clemson and Ohio State are high up there and I had a great time at UCLA too. Ishmael Adams is my cousin and I like Coach Mora a lot so I would be very comfortable there if that happens to be the place for me, even though my family has USC ties.

"As for my decision date, I'm not doing the hat thing and I won't wait until my senior year. I want to go through the process but I think I'll be ready before my senior year. Once I commit, that will be it, I won't commit and take trips or commit and then de-commit and go somewhere else. I don't understand that when players do that. If you're going to commit somewhere, then why still look around? Once I do it, that will be it but I'm not close right now."

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