VIDEO: McClure on Defensive Line

Defensive line coach Angus McClure talks about Kenneth Clark's play this spring, the return of Owamagbe Odighizuwa, and more...

Angus McClure:

On the defensive line:
The D-Line is looking great. Guys are doing a great job. Really seen improvement the last three weeks and as a coach, that's all you can ask for.

On the return of Owa:
It's nice to have Owa back, just like the old days. Owa has shown a lot of leadership and experience. He's come a long ways mentally, sitting out last season and redshirting was great for him to study personnel of our opponents, schematic type of stuff. He was very involved with our meetings every day and did a tremendous job and it's showing on the field and he's able to read what our offense is doing and react quick.

On if he looks like he's shaken off the rust:
He's definitely shaken off the rust. Owa takes care of himself, he always gets extra treatment and extra stretching and is always in the weight room. There is no question he's ready and we're glad to have him back.

On Kenny Clark:
Kenny Clark is a dominant force in there, there is no question. He'll be one of the top guys in our conference. He's just getting better and better each day, understanding the game and the position more and more, understanding the protections too. He's had a great spring. He's quite a player.

On if he's surprised how good Clark was last year:
No. I saw when he came to our camp. The great thing about recruits coming to our camps is that they're actually doing my drills. It's just a better way to evaluate guys instead of going to their high school and seeing them do high school drills, you see them do college and NFL techniques and see if they can do it. So I knew going in, but I never said the redshirt word, ever.

On Mora saying Clark would redshirt last year:
He's the head coach, he will redshirt. Whatever Jim wants, we'll do (laughs). I had an inkling that Kenny would be a good player.

On Eddie Vanderdoes during offseason:
Eddie had a great winter. Coach Alosi was very pleased with him and he got his weight down to 305, lost 10 pounds, which was great. And then going in to that final week, he broke his metatarsal, but Eddie is in it mentally. He's been in all the meetings, he's learning the schematics and that type of stuff and he's a sharp football player. He's done a great job with Coach Alosi in the weight room during practice, so he's staying in shape. He's off the scooter, which is good because he's moving around. But he's close.

On how the new DC is changing the defensive line:
It's more a difference in schematics that techniques. There are some detail things we're doing, technique wise, in certain situations and certain fronts. But primarily the techniques are the same and guys are learning from the bowl game. Guys are aligning properly and making adjustments from linebacker calls. It hasn't been too much for us. Depending on what we're running, but there are some detailed things. Our guys have picked it up.

On Ellis McCarthy:
I'm excited that Ellis is in spring ball, he'd never been in it before. We've had much more time doing fundamental drills in spring ball. There is time for development instead of a race to get ready for an opponent. I'm getting 40 to 45 minutes of individual every day and Ellis has really reaped the benefits of that.

On if he's getting any sleep with the evaluation period now:
I'm getting a little bit. I can sleep on planes, so that's good. We're staying busy. This week we've had a lot of guys come in. It's spring break for a lot of guys, so I've had a lot of our top DL recruits come in which has been great, with their families. And I was out recruiting, with the rest of the staff as well, on April 15.

On the value of having spring ball during the evaluation period:
It's a benefit, especially having spring ball during a lot of spring break or easter breaks, where guys can come down, visit with the staff, take a campus tour and then obviously view practice. We do a nice job of practice of energy and intensity and I think it's good for them to see that.

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